Galliker Transport and Logistics Becomes Eleventh Member of H2 Mobility Switzerland Association

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Hyundai FCEV Cargo Truck H2 Mobility Switzerland Association

Introduction of Hydrogen-Electric Mobility in Switzerland Picks Up Speed

Only 10 months after founding, the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association announces the next new member. With Galliker Transport & Logistics, another heavyweight of mobility takes to hydrogen as the driving energy of the future – a future that is quickly approaching. The first of 1’000 (!) Hyundai hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles should be seen on Swiss roads as early as the end of 2019.

Switzerland is evolving in leaps and bounds into a pioneering country in hydrogen-electric mobility. The H2 Mobility Switzerland Association, which was founded in May last year, has already gained its eleventh member with Galliker Transport & Logistics, which is actively engaged in the envisaged development of the national hydrogen infrastructure.

Galliker Transport & Logistics

The members of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association are qualified to develop the hydrogen station network in Switzerland in a timely manner and as members of the private sector. Galliker Transport & Logistics is perfectly suited to this goal.

Peter Galliker: «Thanks to this form of electric mobility, we see an opportunity to remove CO2 from the streets with regard to heavy duty trucks – and sustainably produced hydrogen is the ideal energy storage medium. We can quickly fill up and achieve a considerable distance – nota bene with the same performance capability as a diesel commercial vehicle. In addition, the hydrogen can be produced with 100 % renewable energy, right here, in Switzerland. It is an ideal and faultless cycle, which the private sector can implement in their own right. The approach of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association is also extremely pragmatic. While others talk about it, they take action. That’s why we are a perfect match.»

The introduction of 1’000 Hyundai hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles going ahead as planned

In autumn 2018, Hyundai Motor Company and H2 Energy Ltd announced that they would be introducing 1’000 heavy duty trucks driven by hydrogen-electric power exclusively for the Swiss market. The memorandum of understanding (MOI) signed six months ago is now starting to become reality. If all goes to plan, the first commercial vehicles should be on Swiss roads within less than a year.

Peter Galliker adds: «Switzerland is the first country in the world to introduce 1’000 hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles, and this is a clear demonstration of one of the measures we can take to deal with climate change. It goes without saying that our company is actively supporting the quick introduction of the required infrastructure across Switzerland.»

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