GE fournit deux sous stations électriques à H2V INDUSTRY pour le lancement de la première initiative

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  • First two plants in France for H2V INDUSTRY, providing for the creation of 200 jobs per site
  • The H2V INDUSTRY project will provide green hydrogen, produced by electrolysis of water and renewable energy sources, guaranteeing a zero carbon footprint
  • Contributing to the energy transition in Europe, this initiative will positively impact the global trend for decarbonisation and the need for more green energy

Paris, France –To respond to the global trend for cleaner energy and a reduced carbon footprint, H2V INDUSTRY announced today that it has awarded GE Power’s Grid Solutions a contract for the “turn-key” supply of two sub- 225 kV / 30 kV electrical stations. These substations will feed the first 100 MW production units of the Port-Jérôme factories near Le Havre (76-Normandie) and Loon Plage near Dunkirk (59-Nord) in France. H2V INDUSTRY plans to create 200 direct jobs per plant in France in 2022. Hydrogen intensification survey conducted by McKinsey for the Hydrogen Industry Council says hydrogen could reduce emissions CO2 emissions of 6 Gigatonnes, compared to current levels.

World Premiere of Massive Hydrogen Production

Recognized as a key contributor to the success of the energy transition, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and plays a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Green hydrogen contains up to three times more energy per unit mass than diesel, and two and a half times more than natural gas. To meet the needs of customers for green hydrogen in line with the growing trend of decarbonisation, H2V INDUSTRY plans to install plants in France to contribute to the energy transition in Europe. These plants will mainly mass produce hydrogen via the electrolysis process of water, thus providing green hydrogen that guarantees a zero carbon footprint.  

Green hydrogen and its zero carbon footprint

Currently 95% of hydrogen is made from polluting hydrocarbons. On the other hand, made from water and electricity from renewable energies, green hydrogen is the guarantee of a zero carbon footprint. H2V INDUSTRY has chosen the water electrolysis method as an innovative way to produce green hydrogen. The process of electrolysis of water involves the use of electrical energy to decompose water into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), thereby converting electrical energy into chemical energy. This hydrogen can then be stored for later use on the grid, produced in areas of high concentration of renewable energy, and transported to the places of consumption. It can also be directly injected into industrial processes that must decarbonize.

“We are pleased to have chosen GE’s Grid Solutions first of all for its undisputed expertise, world-renowned reliability and reputation for the quality of the equipment it offers. We will benefit from our respective skills. Says Lucien Mallet, President of H2V INDUSTRY.

“As the network becomes more complex by integrating more renewable energy sources and more storage, we look forward to supporting H2V INDUSTRY on this world first. A major player in the production and transport of green energy, this contract with H2V INDUSTRY is part of our overall strategy to support the energy transition. “Confides Julien Pelcot, Sales Director France / Belux GE’s Grid Solutions .


The world leader in energy transition, H2V INDUSTRY is the first company to mass-produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water based on low-carbon energy to meet the global needs of industry and transport. Each plant represents an investment of 500 million euros and the creation of 200 jobs.

The developments carried out by the company rely on the expertise of teams whose know-how makes the company unique. Created in 2016 by Lucien Mallet, H2V INDUSTRY has chosen a solid option to build a resilient company. For more information, visit the company website:

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