Gen2 Energy and Element 2 to Cooperate on Scalable Supplies of Green Hydrogen in UK

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Fuel Cells Works, Gen2 Energy and Element 2 to Cooperate on Scalable Supplies of Green Hydrogen in UK

In a recently signed agreement, Gen2 Energy and Element 2 will cooperate on a plug and play supply chain for certified green hydrogen, allowing fuel to be delivered across the UK.

Element 2 is accelerating the UK’s process of decarbonisation and the agreement with Gen2 Energy will be another catalyst for the UK’s hydrogen economy. Gen2 Energy and Element 2 are establishing the commercial terms and structures required to sign a contractual off-take agreement. This will allow Gen2 Energy to sell, and Element 2 to buy a defined quantity of hydrogen, supplied to Element 2’s UK vehicle refuelling locations across the UK at a competitive price.

Element 2 is venture capital backed deployer of hydrogen refuelling stations, with a target to deploy 800 pumps across the UK by 2027 through a national network of return-to-base and road network sites, focused on heavy goods, distribution and municipal transport fleet customers.

Gen2 Energy is based in Norway and produce certified green hydrogen through renewable energy. The company will deliver their green hydrogen across Europe through an integrated value chain starting in 2023. Element 2 will receive the first commercial volumes in 2023 and expand rapidly.

Andrew Hagan, Chief Development Officer, Element 2 said: “The agreement with Gen2 Energy is another exciting step forward as we continue to establish the UK’s hydrogen infrastructure. The agreement accelerates our access to the largest capacity of green hydrogen at the most competitive prices possible across the UK. We look forward to receiving the first commercial volumes in 2023.”

“The agreement with Element 2 is an exciting start to a collaboration between two companies that strongly believe in the hydrogen economy. It comes on the back of our agreement with Port of Cromarty Firth in Scotland a month ago, and represents our key believe that UK and the transport sector are two attractive markets. We look forward to supply Element 2 with green hydrogen as they expand rapidly going forward.” says Jonas Meyer, CEO in Gen2 Energy.

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