GenCell Launches Fuel Cells in the Philippines to Deliver Clean, Reliable Power to Mitigate Impact of Frequent Power Outages

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GenCell A5 on Truck Main
  • Ultra-reliable continuous fuel cells empower local businesses suffering from recurring long-duration outages due to brownouts, severe weather and earthquakes
  • Zero-emission fuel cells withstand impact of severe weather incidents and eliminate regional pollution caused by diesel generators

Petach Tikvah, Israel — GenCell Energy, the alkaline fuel cell power solution provider and manufacturer, today announces the launch of its full portfolio of fuel cell solutions in the Philippines.

Seismic-certified, breakthrough fuel cell technology will now be available to protect Philippine businesses against long-duration power outages caused by brownouts, severe weather conditions, typhoons and earthquakes that regularly plague the islands, disrupting operations and causing catastrophic damage and loss of life.

Whether because of manual load dropping and rotational supply interruptions due to technical glitches, or because of weather events that paralyze affected areas, reliable grid power in the Philippines continues to be a challenge. In April 2019 two major earthquakes caused widespread power outages in numerous regions. This catastrophe followed Typhoon Ompong in 2018, an extremely powerful tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage, including total blackout in seven Philippine provinces. And unfortunately, experts predict that the intensity of future typhoons will not diminish.

Providing 100% clean and continuous power, GenCell fuel cell solutions provide a game-changing alternative to weather-vulnerable or polluting backup power sources typically used today across the archipelago such as battery rooms and diesel generators. With thousands of diesel generators running for seven hours a day and more, Philippine businesses welcome the opportunity to eliminate the noise and pollution, and especially appreciate a way to avoid the costly daily fines they pay every time a generator causes a diesel leak into the soil.

Designed to ensure business continuity and to support critical infrastructure, GenCell hydrogen-based fuel cell solutions produce no emissions, noise or vibrations. What’s more, the fuel cell can be delivered with a weatherproof shelter resistant to severe storms and earthquakes, making it ideal for the Philippines, the “Nation of Islands” named by Time Magazine “the most exposed country in the world to tropical storms”.

The GenCell Energy portfolio includes the G5™ long-duration UPS, a fuel cell which runs on hydrogen cylinders and can be located either indoors or out to provide critical backup power during grid outages. When delivered with a protective shelter, the G5 becomes the seismic-certified G5rx, designed to withstand severe weather events including earthquakes of up to 7.2 Richter. This solution has been deployed by utility substations throughout the world as part of a two-tiered redundancy solution to back up their critical systems and prevent blackstarts. The portfolio also includes the world’s only ammonia-based off-grid fuel cell power solution the GenCell A5 . Extracting hydrogen from liquid ammonia, the A5 offers a total cost of ownership lower than that of a diesel generator. Ideal for remote and rural Philippine island communities, with a single 12-ton tank of ammonia, the A5 can provide enough fuel for a year of 24/7 power.

Rami Reshef, CEO, GenCell Energy comments: “The Philippines suffers some of the worst and most extreme weather incidents in the world and the situation is not expected to improve. The large-scale, regular use of diesel generators during outages only compounds environmental issues that are increasingly understood to impact the local climate. Businesses in the Philippines are looking for clean, reliable power sources to reduce the significant disruption that power outages cause to daily business and quality of life. As a result, we are seeing strong interest in our fuel cell solutions, and we’re pleased to partner with a local Philippine-based distributor to bring our clean, long-duration fuel cells to the region. With our fuel cell technology, we hope to help the region to take back control of its power and start tackling local climate change head-on.”

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About GenCell Energy
GenCell Energy fuel cell solutions offer affordable, clean power for humanity, enabling businesses to Say No to Diesel and render diesel generators obsolete. Using ultra-reliable fuel cell technology that powers American and Russian spacecraft, we deliver backup power for utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industries. Our revolutionary process to create hydrogen-on-demand from anhydrous ammonia (NH3) enables our fuel cell solutions to also provide primary power for off-grid and poor-grid telecom, as well as rural electrification. GenCell Energy numbers more than 90 employees, including many veterans of space programs. The company is headquartered in Israel with a worldwide distribution and support network and retains unique intellectual property that includes patents, trade secrets and know-how.

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