Germany: 22 New Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Buses for the Streets of Frankfurt

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February 28, 2020 |

Infraserv Hydrogen Bus 1

The urban In-der-City-Bus GmbH (ICB) in Frankfurt is rejuvenating its fleet and the city of Frankfurt has announced the goal of replacing the diesel bus fleet with vehicles with alternative drives by 2030. 

For this reason, a climate-neutral technology will come to the ICB depot and from there to Frankfurt city traffic.

“We are currently working on a tender for 22 fuel cell buses. They are to be integrated into the ICB fleet in 2021. In the course of this we are also working on a concept for a hydrogen filling station so that the buses can be refueled at our depot ”, said purchasing manager Sebastian Heisig.

“With the implementation of this project, around a third of all ICB vehicles would drive through Frankfurt city traffic in a climate-neutral manner in the near future,” said Transport Director Klaus Oesterling.

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