Germany Adds Another 300 Million Euros for Hydrogen Research

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German Hydrogen

The Ministry of education announced that the German government has added a further €300m to the €480m pledge it made earlier this year into hydrogen technology as Germany looks to be the global leader in this technology.

The Federal Cabinet passed the climate protection package on Wednesday. The Federal Minister of Education and Research Anja Karlickek explains: “The climate package opens a new chapter in German climate protection policy. Germany is now also investing in the generation of electricity and heat in a consistent pricing of greenhouse gas emissions. This sets a clear course on which business and consumers can orient themselves for the next few years and decades.

It is important to take the entire population with this vision and course. Therefore, it is only possible to proceed with caution, otherwise, the consent of the population will be lost. It is also important that the climate protection package provides for precise control, which should ensure compliance with the climate protection path and ultimately the climate protection goals. The Ministry of Education will further drive the development of new climate-friendly technologies based on the package. In addition to the Climate Fund, we will receive 360 ​​million euros by 2023 alone. With the money, we will especially explore green hydrogen even more intensively. Green hydrogen, is produced by the sun and wind, is the energy source of the future. Green hydrogen is also the key to achieving our climate goals. The BMBF will considerably expand research in this future field in the coming years. We are already investing 180 million euros in the green hydrogen by 2021. This sum will once again be increased by more than 300 million euros from the climate fund. We are also bringing the National Strategy Hydrogen to life. ”


The climate package includes the Climate Protection Program 2030 and the Federal Climate Protection Act. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research ( BMBF ) is involved in a total of 15 research and development measures.

In the field of hydrogen technology, the BMBF promotes technology-friendly, highly innovative approaches to production, transport, and use. The focus is on electrolysis, methane pyrolysis, artificial photosynthesis, and fuel cells. With research and innovation, German companies become world market leaders. Estimates assume over 100 million new jobs worldwide.

The Federal Ministry of Research will use research to build new strategic hydrogen partnerships in Europe and around the world. Under the motto “Shipping the sunshine” the green hydrogen will also create new export opportunities and sales markets for innovative technology companies from Germany.


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