Germany: CDU Demands a Hydrogen Station in Jena

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By the year 2030, Jena is to drive 10,000 electric vehicles. In order to reach this goal of the city of Jena, the infrastructure such as charging stations are currently being steadily expanded and the municipal fleets are being converted.

“Logistics and public transport in particular need reach and fast charging cycles, batteries are not yet an alternative, but transport is needed precisely in these sectors,” explains Bastian Stein , our city council’s motion to rely on hydrogen. The city administration has indicated in a request in the city council that the construction of hydrogen refueling stations by the operators must happen. In discussions with operators of hydrogen refueling stations, we have experienced a great interest in hydrogen for Jena. It is important to find a strong partner who needs hydrogen.

Here the city can become active. “Hydrogen can be offered in Jena with as many as 5-6 buses or garbage trucks as a buyer, and once the offer has been secured, hydrogen is also attractive to the economy,” says Bastian Stein.

But where does the hydrogen come from?
“Here, the regional proximity to the chemical park Leuna pays off as a provider, where hydrogen is produced as a secondary product, but also as ‘storage’ for wind energy.”

Source: CDU

Image: Sybille Riepe

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