Germany: East Hesse Region Wants to be a Pioneer in Hydrogen

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The East Hesse region wants to be a pioneer in the construction of a tank infrastructure for hydrogen trucks and in the use of these vehicles.

The region is participating in the federal “Hy Experts” competition with a corresponding project. Funds of up to 300,000 euros await the winners. Until September 30, 2019, those responsible at the Landes-Energie-Agentur had time to submit a rough concept with project ideas and approaches for using hydrogen concepts in the region. As soon as the grant notification is available, you want to commission a planning office with the creation of a detailed concept.

Around 30 companies want to participate so far

“We assume that the contractor will contact all interested parties and that they will be able to get involved in the planning process,” says Martin Thaler, City of Fulda City Council in the city planning office, to the trade journal transcurrent. “We currently have about 30 expressions of interest,” he says. “The interested parties cover the entire area from hydrogen production to the distribution and petrol station infrastructure to the logistics industry.” Thaler does not rule out the possibility that other interested companies can register and jump up. He has not yet announced with which forwarding agents the city of Fulda has been in discussion.

There is still no hydrogen infrastructure in East Hesse

The region still has no experience with hydrogen projects. “A hydrogen filling station infrastructure is currently not available in East Hesse, nor are hydrogen-producing plants,” says Thaler. Corresponding options and framework conditions for the establishment of a suitable infrastructure should be shown in the context of the funding project, he explains.

Which vehicle types are to be purchased is also still open. “So far, there is no specific requirement profile for vehicles,” explains the city planner. Here, too, he hopes for answers within the framework of the fine concept. Likewise, it should show funding opportunities – so that logistics companies can also assess the whole business. The individual companies are then responsible for the acquisition of funding.

The Federal Government also sees great potential in the use of hydrogen, as a draft on the National Hydrogen Strategy makes clear.

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