Germany: First Hydrogen Fueling Station Coming to Landshut Region

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H2 Region Landshut

Hydrogen station is being built at a new petrol station on Ludwig-Erhard-Straße

Landshut gets its first hydrogen refueling station. The Initiative Hydrogen Region (H2-Region) Landshut and the Member of the Bundestag Florian Ossner (CSU), Transport politician and patron of the association, met on Wednesday at a meeting with the German hydrogen technology pioneer Dr. Ing. Tobias Brunner communicated in the Landshut office. 

The dispenser will be built at the new OMV petrol station on Ludwig-Erhard-Straße in the Münchnerau business park. It is expected that in the first quarter of next year fueling of fuel cell cars will start there.

The petrol station is operated by H2 Mobility Deutschland GmbH, an association of car manufacturers, petrol station companies and industrial companies, which wants to build up a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure in Germany. The first goal is the operation of 100 stations in urban centers and along highways and highways – that would be the world’s largest hydrogen filling station network. The H2 region Landshut has successfully applied with the support of traffic politician MdB Ossner with the Landshut site. H2 Mobility is now responsible for network planning, approval, construction and operation.

Hydrogen Station Landshut Germany

Looking forward to the construction of the first hydrogen refueling station in the Landshut region and hope for many customers (from left): CSU member of parliament Florian Ossner, the hydrogen technology expert Dr. med. Tobias Brunner and dr. Christiane Heyer and dr. Ulrich Viethen, Ulrich Dirr and Wolfgang Beck from the Initiative H2-Region Landshut.

“I am very pleased that our project has succeeded in putting the Landshut region at the forefront of the hydrogen infrastructure development,” Oßner said. “Because hydrogen as an energy source will establish itself in the long term.” The advantages of hydrogen-fueled fuel cell vehicles would be obvious: Refueling takes only three minutes and the range is already today at around 500 kilometers per full tank with upward tendency – and all without air – or noise pollution. This form of electromobility – the fuel cell supplies power to an electric motor – offers the same comfort as today’s vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Oßner: Years of effort have paid off

“Sustainable climate protection and the effective implementation of the energy transition are possible with the nationwide development of a hydrogen infrastructure. That’s why we fought for six years for the H2 region Landshut to compete in the competition for a petrol station, “says Ossner. Currently, the nearest station is at Munich Airport.

According to Dr. Ulrich Viethen, Ulrich Dir, Wolfgang Beck and Dr. Ing. Andreas Colli, board members of the H2 region Landshut, have already signaled to some private individuals and companies in town and district interest in a hydrogen car. “It would be nice if more private individuals and especially companies would participate,” said CEO Viethen. “A fuel cell car is good for any company fleet.”

Federal policy supports the development in this area of ​​traffic, explained Oßner. The federal government has set up a national investment program for hydrogen and fuel cell technology, with which he and the industry have already invested 1.4 billion euros in the development and market testing of the technology. “The hydrogen refueling station in Landshut will also be supported through this program.” By the end of this year alone, the Federal Ministry of Transport will have made funds totaling 250 million euros available. The program coordination is in the hands of the National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.

For the CSU traffic politician Ossner, however, this is just the beginning: “We will continue to build up the necessary infrastructure to secure affordable mobility for the future, including for us in rural areas.”

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Source: Florian Ossner – CSU Landshut

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