Germany: Launch of the Arthur Hydrogen Bus at the First Hydrogen Fueling Station in Erlangen

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Fuel Cells Works, Germany: Launch of the Arthur Hydrogen Bus at the First Hydrogen Fueling Station in Erlangen

At the Bus2Bus in Berlin, the still young company Arthur presented its hydrogen-powered Bus Arthur H2 Zero. It is a first mobility solution offered by the startup from Planegg near Munich, and only the beginning of an ambitious undertaking. Arthur wants to establish itself as a system manufacturer for mobility solutions. In an interview with, CEO and co-founder Philipp Glonner told us more about the company.

Arthur, like many other companies, wants to accelerate the energy transition towards emission-free mobility. “For us, the common mobility solutions are anything but affordable and easily accessible,” says Glonner. “We want to change that. (…) We want to charmingly inspire technology. We want to actively participate in this mobility transition.”

The engineer teamed up with Gerhard Mey, a serial entrepreneur and automotive professional, as Glonner describes him, to launch the company last year. “He has the experience you want,” Glonner says of Mey. “He’s kind of a mentor for me when it comes to business issues.” Glonner has been on the road for years when it comes to innovation projects, as the young man, who grew up in his father’s workshop, explains. “That’s why I live the topic.”

The foundation of Arthur Holding GmbH and the subsidiary Arthur Bus was preceded by a number of discussions, research on public transport, the market and, of course, the bus issue. In March 2021, the foundation followed, “Start of Operation was then around Easter,” says Glonner. Within a short time, he assembled a team of engineers. Glonner speaks of a lot of overtime: “The motivation was 100 percent there in the team. I’ve never had so much fun with a project. It was a very different drive in the team.”

About a year later, the Arthur H2 Zero is now standing. “The bus is ready, the EU approval is here, we are working with this bus,” says Glonner. According to the company, the fuel cell bus will offer a range of over 450 kilometers and will be launched on the market this year. The energy concept of the bus has been completely redeveloped, the “drive system and temperature control of the components are precisely coordinated with each other”. With the low energy consumption, the operating costs should also be lower than those of comparable models.

Source: H2Live

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