Germany: Northern Leaders want to Build a “Green Hydrogen Economy”

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Northern German Govt Leaders Meet on Hydrogen

The heads of state of the five northern German states submitted a resolution on the development of hydrogen technology in Hamburg on Thursday. Northern Germany wants to be a pioneer in building a “green hydrogen economy”.

North German country chiefs meet in Hamburg

NDR — The deliberations of the heads of state of northerners deal with topics such as the energy transition, the European elections and collective bargaining.
Northern German Govt Leaders Meet on Hydrogen

The North German government leaders want to rely on the so-called green hydrogen. © picture alliance Photo: Georg Wendt

Conditions in the north favorable

The heads of government agree: they want to meet the climate goals. But relying on only with advances in the replacement of fossil fuel electricity suppliers you can not get far enough. Therefore, they rely on so-called green hydrogen, with which, for example, wind power can be stored and later used for buses. North Germany stands ready to be a pioneer in the development of a green hydrogen economy, according to the cornerstone paper of the North German government. The conditions are favorable: abundant wind power, industrial customers and production facilities are available.

Better framework conditions required

So far, however, the use of hydrogen on a large scale is not competitive. The heads of government therefore demand better framework conditions from the federal government. In addition, the EU must ensure that environmentally friendly technologies are cheaper than harmful ones. By the end of this year, the North German hydrogen strategy should stand by and by 2025 the first goals should be achieved.

For the time being last conference chaired by Hamburg

It was the last conference in northern Germany, chaired by Hamburg Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD). Thereafter, Niedersachsen’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) takes over the direction. Through the conference, the northerners coordinate their common interests, for example with the federal government and the EU, in particular in the maritime, economic and structural policy areas.

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