Global Partnership For Hydrogen Launched During Vienna Energy Forum

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Fuel Cells Works, Global Partnership For Hydrogen Launched During Vienna Energy Forum

VIENNA – Within the framework of the 2021 Vienna Energy Forum (VEF), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) launched the Global Partnership for Hydrogen Application in Industry to promote its application at global level as an innovative technology critical to decarbonize industry, especially in hard-to-abate sectors.

“The Global Partnership is built on our extensive experience with renewable energy and hydrogen”, said UNIDO Director General LI Yong. “As hydrogen technologies are increasingly maturing and prices are becoming competitive, we need to develop and apply conducive policies, robust legal frameworks, and coherent international standards for the global up-take of Green Hydrogen”.

The Partnership is a key pillar of the UNIDO Global Programme for Green Hydrogen in Industry that will bring together key stakeholders to inspire strategic dialogue; create synergies; and boost concrete technical action and cooperation for industrial decarbonization. Furthermore, the Programme will enhance the exchange, development, and distribution of knowledge on related policies, technical guidelines, and standards.

“The Global Partnership for GH2 application in industry will pave the way for an inclusive energy transition”, said Petra Schwager, Chief of the UNIDO Energy Technologies and Industrial Applications Division. “Embracing green hydrogen will contribute to a clean, carbon neutral industry and enable developing countries and emerging economies to achieve their climate mitigation objectives”.

Collaborations between different stakeholders across the globe, including the public and private sectors, financial organizations, and academia, are crucial to ensure that nobody is left behind.

Source: UNIDO

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