Global Warming Solutions Inc. Granted Permit to Revolutionize Hydrogen Production in Kansas

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Temecula, CA– Global Warming Solutions Inc., a leader in renewable hydrogen solutions, has been granted a permit to begin drilling for hydrogen in Kansas. This significant milestone marks a new chapter in regional hydrogen production and distribution, aiming to foster clean energy and economic growth.

The permit allows GWSO to explore Kansas’ rich underground hydrogen deposits, particularly along the Nemaha Uplift and Humboldt Fault. These formations are ideal for hydrogen exploration due to their abundant reserves. The drilling program, in collaboration with Coal Creek Energy and Dr. Reza, will leverage advanced technologies to ensure efficient and sustainable extraction.

“We are thrilled to receive this permit, paving the way for a clean energy revolution in Kansas,” said Michael Pollastro, CEO of Global Warming Solutions. “Our goal is to provide a reliable source of hydrogen, reducing carbon emissions and promoting energy independence.”

Once extraction proves successful, GWSO plans to distribute hydrogen to gas stations across Kansas, meeting the growing demand for clean energy. The company will also collaborate with automakers to promote hydrogen-powered vehicles, accelerating the transition to a hydrogen economy.

“Kansas has the potential to become a hub for hydrogen production,” added Pollastro. “By building a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure, we aim to support sustainable transportation and energy solutions.”

About Global Warming Solutions Inc.

Global Warming Solutions Inc. develops technologies to mitigate global warming, focusing on clean energy. GWSO’s innovative approach includes the production of white hydrogen, naturally occurring and with minimal environmental impact, and green hydrogen, produced on-demand using renewable energy.
As part of its vision, GWSO will continue to invest in advanced technologies to enhance hydrogen production and affordability, with plans to expand beyond Kansas.


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