GM, Autocar to Build Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Autocar’s Commercial Vehicles

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  • GM’s Innovative Fuel-Cell ‘Power Cubes’ to Propel Emission-Free Vocational Trucks

2023 12 07 10 29 29General Motors (GM) has taken a significant stride in the evolution of commercial transportation by entering a joint development agreement with Alabama-based Autocar Industries. This collaboration is set to bring forth a new range of all-electric commercial trucks, innovatively powered by electricity generated from GM’s Hydrotec hydrogen fuel-cell systems, aptly named “power cubes.”

In a recent video call with journalists, the companies unveiled their ambitious plan, marking a new chapter in eco-friendly commercial transportation.

The first of these innovative vehicles are scheduled for production in 2026 at the Autocar truck plant located in Birmingham, Alabama.

2023 12 07 10 29 38These vehicles, integrating GM’s advanced Hydrotec technology, will be custom-built to order by Autocar and sold directly to customers. The initial rollout will focus on specialized commercial vehicles, including cement mixers, roll-off and dump trucks, with plans to subsequently introduce refuse trucks and terminal tractors.

“We think that for extreme towing and heavy payload requirements, where the vehicles travel for more than 500 miles and require rapid refueling, hydrogen fuel cells really find the sweet spot for serving our customer needs,” said Charlie Freese, GM executive director, Hydrotec, on a call with reporters.

Each vehicle will be equipped with GM’s Hydrotec power cubes, which contain over 300 hydrogen fuel cells. These power cubes also incorporate thermal and power management systems, along with proprietary controls, providing a substantial 77 kilowatts of power. This cutting-edge technology underpins the vehicles’ performance, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuel sources.

GM has announced that the Hydrotec fuel cell power cubes will be manufactured at the Brownstown Battery Assembly Plant, highlighting the company’s commitment to advancing hydrogen fuel cell technology. The plant is gearing up for the commercial production of these fuel cell systems and power cubes, marking a significant step in GM’s journey towards sustainable vehicle technology.



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