GP JOULE and Green Fuels Initiate Hydrogen Alliance for Bremerhaven and the Surrounding Area

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Reußenköge / Bremerhaven–In the future, GP JOULE and Green Fuels will work together for concrete hydrogen projects in Bremerhaven and the northwest region. 

The internationally successful Renewable Energy Group from Nordfriesland and the ambitious start-up from Bremerhaven have launched a hydrogen project initiative: As a “BH 2 V alliance”, both companies and other partners want regional solutions for green hydrogen mobility develop, implement and scale renewable energy for different practice applications. The model is eFarm, the one initiated by GP JOULE and still the largest German green hydrogen mobility project.


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(from left: André GH Kiwitz, Managing Director of Green Fuels, Ove Petersen, CEO GP JOULE Andreas Wellbrock, Managing Director of Green Fuels, André Steinau, Chief Executive Officer GP JOULE)

“In the Bremerhaven region, we are right on the market for future climate-neutral hydrogen, where we find large customers in the maritime sector, in heavy goods traffic as well as in public transport. We also find relevant consumers for the waste heat here. At the same time, renewable generation capacities, especially wind power, are on the spot. And not to forget: Bremerhaven and the “wet triangle” are a global logistics hub, “explains GP JOULE CEO Ove Petersen. “We have successfully launched eFarm in Nordfriesland – Germany’s largest green hydrogen mobility project, ground-breaking ceremony for the first electrolyzer installation in January 2020. Now is the time to bring our expertise to the next promising hydrogen project, the brings the best prerequisites “, adds André Steinau,

Andreas Wellbrock, Managing Director of Green Fuels: “We want to act and start building the necessary, precisely fitting infrastructure and technology for hydrogen production, storage, and concrete applications. Together with other partners and stakeholders along the entire value chain, we want to build these up and gain valuable experience. “The BH 2V-Allianz wants to establish itself as a relevant driver of a regional hydrogen economy in Bremerhaven and in the northwest region. “We know about bipartisan support – our project initiative is now making a major contribution to making the northern German hydrogen strategy of the five coastal states a reality. With the bundled competence of the founding partners GP JOULE and Green Fuels, a contact person is now available for the concrete implementation of hydrogen projects for the state government, administration as well as for the maritime industry and for logistics companies. “For the first project in the Bremerhaven area in the coming years, Months further partners/companies are won. The project development, The construction, and operation of the climate-friendly hydrogen infrastructure and applications in the region should be undertaken jointly – investment is made from generation to use. The synchronization between the production of “green hydrogen” and consumption is of central importance.

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