Green Hydrogen From Pure Air Refuels Hyundai Nexo in Australia

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Fuel cells works, Green Hydrogen From Pure Air Refuels Hyundai Nexo in Australia

A state-of-the-art green hydrogen fuel, developed in partnership between the University of Newcastle and Southern Green Gas has today been unveiled and demonstrated in Hyundai’s NEXO hydrogen fuel cell SUV.

The partnership is aimed at creating carbon-neutral energy from Australian R&D and renewable resources.

At the heart of the technology is the ability to extract pure water from air, then using electrolysis – an electrical current generated from solar panels, split the pure water into hydrogen and oxygen before storing hydrogen as a gas which can be used to power vehicles.

The partnership is developing manufacturing capability across other renewable fuels, including green methane which is made by combining hydrogen with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Easily transported in existing gas pipeline infrastructure, green methane can be used as a renewable form of natural gas or converted back to hydrogen at the point of use.

“Renewable methane has enormous potential to decarbonise the global mobility sector. We believe this technology represents an important pathway in achieving zero emissions driving worldwide and we are excited to work with our technology partners to make this vision a reality,” stated Rohan Gillespie, Managing Director of Southern Green Gas.

“Australia is looking to the Hunter to help kickstart the nation’s Hydrogen economy. With a strong track record in future-focussed energy innovation, The University of Newcastle is ideally placed to leverage regional cooperation across industry, infrastructure and government. This project, demonstrating green hydrogen on our roads for the first time, is a potent example of this region-wide approach translating into real-world outcomes,” said University of Newcastle Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alex Zelinsky.

“We’ve worked with Southern Green Gas to develop the ability to manufacture green hydrogen at a lab scale, the results of which we’re seeing demonstrated here today in the Hyundai hydrogen vehicle. Seeing this fuel hit the roads is a proud moment for my team, who have worked to perfect it over several years. We’re now looking forward to scaling this technology, working with Southern Green Gas toward commercial rollout and a wide range of possible applications,” said Professor Behdad Moghtaderi of the University of Newcastle.

Southern Green Gas is supported by its technology partners – specialty gas supplier, Coregas, electrolyster manufacturer, Enapter and gas technology company, Haskel.

“Coregas is delighted to work with Southern Green Gas and University of Newcastle, including providing equipment and gas testing of hydrogen generated by the technology, which passed with flying colours. We see an important future for clean gases powering the world’s electric vehicles, be they battery or hydrogen fuel cell,” said Alan Watkins, Executive General Manager of Coregas.

“Enapter is a pioneer of hydrogen generated from electrolysis producing the first scalable electrolyser that replaces fossil fuels with green hydrogen. By partnering with Southern Green Gas and University of Newcastle, our technology has formed a backbone of this industry first, providing a scalable pathway towards zero emission fuels for mobility markets,” said Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, CEO of Enapter.

“As a leading gas technology innovator, our goal is to create a more sustainable world through the proliferation of clean gases across applications, including mobility. Hydrogen and renewable methane present real opportunities to transition the emissions intensive transport sector faster with Southern Green Gas and University of Newcastle’s technology a pathway to get there,” said Darran Heath, Haskel’s Global General Manager – Hydrogen.

The project is kindly supported by ARENA and the NSW Government.

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