Green Hydrogen Is Turning Tricolour: Enapter Expands French Operations With Major Electrolyser Contracts

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Enapter has significantly expanded its French business activities, securing contracts for over 270 AEM Electrolysers for France alone. In the first months of 2024, Enapter received several major orders from new and existing French customers, reflecting a growing demand for the single-core electrolyser AEM EL 4. Order volume for Q1 saw an increase of around 330% compared to the previous year.

Enapter’s Recent Milestones in France:

  1. PowiDian Energy Contract: Enapter signed a supply contract with PowiDian Energy for 176 AEM EL 4 electrolysers. PowiDian, a long-standing certified partner and system integrator, plans to use these modular single-core electrolysers in various applications. A significant portion of the delivery will include Enapter’s water-cooled AEM EL 4 LC variant, which will be integrated into larger containers to withstand harsh environments and utilize waste heat for increased efficiency.

“For 10 years now, PowiDian has been using our AEM Electrolysers for projects in the field, whether they be off-grid or grid-connected, providing peak shaving and/or enabling energy storage,” stated a PowiDian representative.

  1. CORSICA SOLE Order: French project developer CORSICA SOLE ordered 63 compact single-core electrolysers. The Folell’Hy H2 production pilot project will connect directly to the Corsica Sole solar power plant in Folelli. Excess renewable energy produced on the island will be used to generate up to 2t H2/year, supporting maritime mobility among other sectors.

“The green hydrogen produced with the Enapter electrolysers will be crucial for our renewable energy strategy on the island,” said a CORSICA SOLE spokesperson. This project is being integrated with the assistance of HENSOLDT in France, which received 115 AEM EL 4s from Enapter in 2022/2023.

  1. H2Gremm Partnership: Enapter’s French partner H2Gremm ordered 40 AEM EL 4 electrolysers. H2Gremm develops sustainable, hydrogen-based mobility solutions and applications for the home sector. This partnership highlights the strong demand for the AEM EL 4 in Europe.

“Enapter is delighted to have another partner who now also offers turnkey systems on the French market,” noted an H2Gremm representative.

Dr. Jürgen Laakmann, CEO of Enapter, concluded: “Not only are we gaining more new customers internationally, but we are also seeing existing customers reordering higher quantities for further projects. This shows that the market recognises our AEM Electrolysers as mature technology that fulfills customers’ energy transition needs in many sectors.”


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