Green Hydrogen Solutions Joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

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Fuel Cells Works, Green Hydrogen Solutions Joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

By Collaborating with EEA on Leveraging Ethereum, Green Hydrogen Solutions Aims to Accelerate Funding of Green Energy Projects

London-Johannesburg – Green Hydrogen Solutions (GHS), a leading technology and energy company focused on advancing the energy transition by developing green energy projects, today announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). As an EEA member, Green Hydrogen Solutions will collaborate with EEA and its members, the leading business adopters, innovators and leaders within the Ethereum ecosystem, to accelerate the pace of Ethereum business advancements and adoption.

Hear Green Hydrogen Solutions Present on Sustainability at the EEA Ethereum in the Enterprise Product and Showcase.

Green Hydrogen Solutions’ vision is to advance its technology and projects in ways that will move the world to Net Zero, and, in turn, provide companies, communities, cities and countries in the developed and developing world with the tools needed to rethink energy, fuels and chemicals. As part of its membership, Green Hydrogen Solutions will have the opportunity to participate in the EEA’s Interest Groups and Working Groups, such as the EEA Mainnet IG, and events, to network and learn about the latest Ethereum business reference implementations, real-world use cases, and technical innovations.

By leveraging Ethereum, Green Hydrogen Solutions technology can play an important role in the energy transition by ramping up project development time and lowering project development costs through optimising electricity supply, lowering electricity and capital costs and end-use integration in the context of green hydrogen and green cryptocurrency projects.

“We are excited to join the EEA to explore the convergence between green energy projects and Ethereum. Green Hydrogen will play a significant role in the transition to Net Zero to 2050 and Ethereum and NFTs will enable our projects to contribute to emissions reduction,” said Green Hydrogen Solutions Founder and CEO Ebrahim Takolia. “The EEA offers Green Hydrogen Solutions the resources needed to learn about blockchain for business and leverage Ethereum as a groundbreaking technology for addressing specific, enterprise-based, green energy industry use cases.”

Research and development (R&D) funding for the green hydrogen industry has expanded and aims to reduce electrolysis, renewable electricity, storage and dispensing costs through technology selection, system integration and optimisation. Technologies have been introduced for electricity to allow for better integration of smart grids and time-of-day forecasting which lowers hydrogen production costs through the supply of cheap electricity for a long period.

“The key challenge that we are facing in green energy is the funding of ambitious pilot and large-scale projects to advance the energy transition using the current grant and capital raising ecosystem,” continued Takolia. “Accordingly, using the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, which advocates for an ambitious approach to advancing the energy transition to low carbon energy as a call to action, Green Hydrogen Solutions has minted its first NFT using Ethereum, the most popular blockchain for NFTs, on the Rarible platform to fund projects within its project portfolio.”

By purchasing the Green Hydrogen Solutions NFT, users can track the progress of underlying projects using the Green Hydrogen Solutions app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app can also facilitate ways to track high energy prices and geopolitical uncertainty which indicates the need to improve efficiency in energy supply and risk.

About the EEA

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) enables organizations to adopt and use Ethereum technology in their daily business operations. The EEA empowers the Ethereum ecosystem to develop new business opportunities, drive industry adoption, and learn and collaborate. The EEA Community Projects provides a hub for open source development of code, APIs, standards, and reference implementations. To learn more about joining the EEA, reach out to [email protected] or visit

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About Green Hydrogen Solutions

Green Hydrogen Solutions (Green Hydrogen Solutions (GHS) ) combines big data and AI with innovative technologies to develop lower-than-average cost projects that produce green hydrogen at competitive prices linked to demand. We develop solutions to advance our technology and projects that will move the world to Net Zero, and these solutions will provide companies, communities, cities and countries in the developed and developing world with the tools needed to rethink energy, fuels and chemicals. Green Hydrogen Solutions has been recognized for its innovations — one of its projects was awarded special recognition at COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021.

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