Green Light for Hydrogen – South Australia Backs Renewable Energy Exports

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New research from The Australia Institute has found that South Australians only support the creation of a hydrogen energy industry in the state if it uses renewable sources of energy.

The research was undertaken between March 3rd and 6th 2020, following a summer of disastrous bushfires across Australia and the state.

Key findings:

  • Four in five South Australians (79%) would prefer that South Australian hydrogen fuel is generated from renewable sources. Only 6% would prefer that it is generated from fossil fuel sources.
  • Three in four South Australians (73%) also say that South Australia should only pursue a hydrogen fuel industry if it uses renewable energy. Only 13% disagree.

“South Australia has the potential to be a global hydrogen fuel exporter, but our research shows the concept will only receive public support if it uses renewable sources of energy,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, SA Director at The Australia Institute.

“The South Australian Government has already taken steps towards establishing a renewable hydrogen energy industry. Considering how popular green hydrogen appears to be in South Australia, that is likely to be a well-supported move.

“On the other hand, creating hydrogen using fossil fuels is deeply unpopular with just 6% of South Australians supporting the idea.

“Other Australian states are pursuing hydrogen fuel research using a mixture of energy sources, but South Australians want our state to lead the way on clean, green hydrogen for the future.

“Many people are excited about the potential of hydrogen energy but it is only green hydrogen, made from renewable energy sources, which will help us to tackle global warming.”

A polling brief is available here

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