Grove Hydrogen Automotive Co., Ltd. and Clickdrive Pty Limited Announce New Partnership to Develop Australia and New Zealand Markets

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Grove Hydrogen Auto Brand with Pininfarina Concept sedan
  • Grove Hydrogen Automotive C, Ltd., manufacturer of zero emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles today have concluded with Clickdrive Pty Limited (registered Sydney Australia) an agreement to develop the Australia and New Zealand Markets for Hydrogen Vehicles
  • Clickdrive, a new subsidiary of a large Automotive distribution group operating across Australia and New Zealand is promoted as the distribution partner and retailer of Grove Vehicles in both countries
  • The companies shall work together on market and product programs towards importation of hydrogen vehicles to the countries by 2020 and focus on becoming a leading player in the New Energy car market
  • Grove Hydrogen Auto Brand with Pininfarina-Concept sedan

Wuhan, China–Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited announced that it has signed an agreement for Cooperation with Clickdrive Pty. Limited of Australia to proceed with plans for distribution of Grove vehicles in Australia and New Zealand markets.

Grove and Clickdrive look to become a leading part of the Hydrogen roadmaps for both Australia and New Zealand by developing a series of vehicles which supports the infrastructure growth of Hydrogen in each country and also providing vehicles which match the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Consumers.

‘With both Australia and New Zealand strongly moving forward in the Hydrogen Economy we have a perfect target to establish a key development market for Grove’ said Professor Hao Yiguo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited.  ‘Our cars are developed with a Global Development vision, and having an experienced partner like Clickdrive working with us from the start in markets which offer the unique Geographic and Thermal conditions of Australia and New Zealand enhance this dramatically.

Grove, globally launching at the upcoming Shanghai Motorshow is a hydrogen fuel cell car maker which plans to release a model range which aims to capture the attention of the Global Automotive World.  Grove cars are developed to offer a long range, with the first cars of the Grove brand being capable of a 1,000 km plus distance from a single tank, and able to be refuelled within only minutes, allowing the lifestyle of drivers as has been experienced in the past to be respected while showing the same respect to the environment with emission free power.

Clickdrive is a subsidiary company of a major vehicle distribution company in Australia and New Zealand representing many brands in both countries.   Clickdrive is focused on a next generation distribution concept by leveraging the power of a strong existing network together with the latest digital technologies to deliver cars to customers in a convenient and enlightened manner.

‘With Grove we have a partner with a unique futuristic proposition which perfectly fits the clickdrive strategy,’ said Jason Pecotic, CEO of Clickdrive.   ‘Our network is powerful and strong and we have committed ourselves to a future which embraces the coming Hydrogen revolution.  Our team, working closely together with Grove we are able to create a market proposition that is able to be configured directly to the markets of both Australia and New Zealand.’

The cooperation extends far beyond the distribution of cars but aligns the companies to work together on legal and environmental optimisation and to adapt the cars to customer desires. Grove has announced a digital foundation behind its selling process which is perfectly aligned to the direction that Clickdrive takes with its approach.

‘With Clickdrive team we have a strong partner in Australia and New Zealand who understand their market, but also the dynamics of both Hydrogen and development of new Brands into the country,’ says Brendan Norman, Chief Marketing and Strategy officer of Grove.   ‘Grove is a dynamic company and in Clickdrive we have found an equally dynamic partner with great experience in the distribution, service and customer expectation space. We see Jason and the Clickdrive team as not only a distribution partner but also as a key part of our development and service process.’

Grove, being founded by parent company IGE, a prominent Producer and distributor of Hydrogen, will also work with Clickdrive on ensuring a robust, customer focused network for Hydrogen Distribution and looking to support the development of the Hydrogen roadmaps for both countries.

‘Our cars give an exciting new option to consumers to enjoy truly free mobility yet to do that in a Green friendly way,’ says Professor Hao, ‘and with Clickdrive in Australia and New Zealand we are able to participate in two of the worlds leading markets for Hydrogen development.’

About Grove

Grove is a brand of the Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited, registered in Wuhan, China. Born in 2016 and Registered in 2018 under parent company Institute of Geosciences and Environment (IGE).  Operating Design and Development in Wuhan and Barcelona Spain, with Production Facilities in Wuhan and several other locations to be announced during 2019 Grove is a Global car company aiming to offer a truly clean Automotive experience from Manufacturing to enjoyment of the car.

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