Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company and Pininfarina Announce Wide Ranging Development Partnership

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Grove and Pininfarina
  • Legendary Design and Engineering company Pininfarina of Turin, Italy and new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Manufacturer Grove Hydrogen Automotive Co., Ltd announce today a wide-ranging partnership for vehicle development.
  • Grove to release a series of vehicles developed together with Pininfarina to take advantage of almost 90-year experience of the legendary Italian firm.
  • Grove vehicles will feature styling and other graphical input from Pininfarina taking advantage of its proven expertise in designing and developing hydrogen-fueled vehicles
  • The first result of the cooperation with Pininfarina will be unveiled next at Auto Shanghai

Wuhan, China–Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited announced today details of a wide-ranging cooperation with Pininfarina Italy and with the Pininfarina subsidiary in Shanghai.

The young aggressive Hydrogen Fuel Cell Firm looks to benefit from almost 90 years of Pininfarina history in all facets of the car from Styling to Engineering and to enhance the European feel of Grove Cars.

The first result of the cooperation is a concept car designed by Pininfarina, that Grove will be unveiling later this month at Auto Shanghai. Based on Grove business mission and on the emerging customer expectation, Pininfarina is also supporting other graphical work for the Grove Brand which will emerge over the coming months.

“Grove is a new company, with a lot of ambition and with the support of some great technologies. In combination with Pininfarina we effectively grow wise beyond the age of our company,’ said Professor Hao Yiguo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited.  “With 90 years designing and building some of the most Iconic cars of the Past Century and today Pininfarina provides us with a backbone of immense power, allowing us to bring our company aggressively forward as a real prestige and future centric car manufacturer.”

Grove Brand will launch at the Shanghai Motor Show April 16, the world’s first all Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Mass Production Company.  Based in Wuhan China with its own design Centre in Barcelona Grove Compliments its European heritage with that of Pininfarina, based in the famous Automobile City of Turin.

Grove’s offering of a truly environmentally friendly solution is perfectly complemented by the wealth of experience of Pininfarina. A long history of advanced propulsion vehicles including Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sports cars have come from the Styling and Development arms of Pininfarina. Additionally Pininfarina possess a long history working with light weight composite Materials including Carbon Fibre, the material at the core of the Grove cars Structure.

‘The match with Grove for Pininfarina is a perfect one,’ said Silvio Angori, CEO of Pininfarina Spa.  We have 90 years of history at the forefront of Design, Engineering and Production of one-off and limited series and in Grove we have found a special partner who will continue the exploration of new more environmentally and progressively charged fields.  Grove has a vigorous approach to their business and this is the sweet spot for Pininfarina, together we will achieve great results.”

The technology employed in the Grove car is a combination of the most advanced concepts in both Body and Powertrain.

Fuel Cell Technology, is now accelerating rapidly with many companies including Parent company of Grove, IGE, which Professor Hao is also President, leading the way.   Combining this with Carbon Fibre and Composite technology allows Grove to maximise the benefit of having Hydrogen, a lighter than air (oxygen) carrier of energy on board in a light weight car.

These technologies provide the platform for the most technologically advanced vehicle ever seen, presented in a stylish, sporty and daring shape.

“At Pininfarina we pride ourselves on being able to set the trend, in Grove we find a partner who utterly reroute the direction of car development and in this we are able to bring the skills of Pininfarina to lead the world into play,’ says Simone Tassi, General Manager of Pininfarina Shanghai.   ‘Grove allows us to design a car which we can normally only dream about, Power agility, and Prestige in a Single Package.  We do this best at Pininfarina and this is a fantastic platform for us to work with here in China.”

The team of Pininfarina Shanghai has been developing future variants of Grove Models, which will be seen in the coming months and years.  Offering Pininfarina’s virtues of style and expertise combined with an understanding of the world’s most Dynamic Environment in China as it sets the trends for the next Century.

Grove cars will be seen on the roads in the coming year and then quickly accelerating in number of variants into 2020.  Initially offered in during 2020 Grove is poised to become a world leader in Clean transportation.

“We know we have a car that will change the way the world looks at cars,’ says Professor Hao,  ‘and with Pininfarina we have a partner who can help that not only in terms of substance but also giving us cars that the public will not be able to help to look at in admiration.  We cannot wait to show the world the Style that Pininfarina has developed with us”

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