Grove’s First Hydrogen Prototype Car Completed at its Chongquing Factory Assembly Line

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The Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company announced that on April 13th 2019, its first prototype hydrogen fuel cell powered car came of its assembly line from its production factory located in the China Intelligence Valley (Chongqing) Science Park.

In its initial test and trial production facility, Grove will be able to use its assembly and sub-assembly line to reach a capacity of 300 hydrogen cars for this trial production run.

Once the Grove Chongqing project assembly line is at full capacity with sales anticipated to begin in 2020, it will have a mass production capacity of 10,000 cars.

This high-end hydrogen SUV is clean and environmentally friendly. It features low energy consumptions, driving range of 1,200km on a single tank of hydrogen and achieves success as being one of the lightest hydrogen fuel cell powered cars in the world by having an entirely carbon fiber body.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are environment-friendly. “It is a demonstration of green development, and promotes the industrial transformation and upgrading,” said Yan Fenghua, Director of Nan’an District Science and Technology Bureau.

The company will feature the car at its Global Brand Launch at the Shanghai Motor Show from the 18 – 25 April 2019.

About Grove

Grove is a brand of the Grove Hydrogen Automotive Company Limited, registered in Wuhan, China.   Born in 2016 and Registered in 2018 under parent company Institute of Geosciences and Environment (IGE).   Operating Design and Development in Wuhan and Barcelona Spain, with Production Facilities in Wuhan and several other locations to be announced during 2019,  Grove is a Global car company aiming to offer a truly clean Automotive experience from Manufacturing to the enjoyment of the car.


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