France: GRTgaz Performs the First Injections of Hydrogen into its Network

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March 3, 2020 |

GRT gaz injection

GRTgaz successfully injected the first hydrogen produced by the Power to Gas demonstrator JUPITER 1000, located in Fos-sur-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône), into its network. 

This is a major step in the development of solutions for decarbonizing gas and its uses, energy storage and synergies between gas and electricity networks. The next few weeks will be dedicated to optimizing the operation of the entire production chain, compression-injection, before starting the performance tests and technical-economic optimization analyzes of the installation.

JUPITER 1000 is the first Power to Gas demonstrator, on an industrial scale, connected to the gas transmission network in France. This innovative technology consists in converting electricity into gas, hydrogen or synthetic methane, to inject it into existing networks. It thus makes it possible to exploit the surpluses of renewable electricity, thanks to the massive storage and transit capacities of existing gas infrastructures. An innovation that is fully in line with the “A COP in advance” energy policy led by the South Region.

JUPITER 1000 is also an essential installation for the continuation of work undertaken by gas infrastructure operators in France who, in a recent report, believe that existing networks can already accept a rate of 6% in volume of hydrogen mixed and up to 20% in the longer term with moderate adaptation costs.

With a production capacity of 5 million kilowatt-hours of energy over 3 years, JUPITER 1000 will allow all of the project’s industrial partners (CEA, CNR, Khimod, Leroux & Lotz, McPhy, Port de Marseille Fos, RTE, Teréga, and GRTgaz) to test the operation of the installation and the equipment, assess the impact of hydrogen on the networks and its use in an industrial process, consolidate the economic study on the basis of the performances observed and thus contribute to the emergence of the Power to Gas sector in France. JUPITER 1000 is a project supported by the South Region, the ADEME (Investments for the Future Program) and the European Union (FEDER).

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