Grupo Ansasol to Build Europe’s Largest Green Hydrogen to Methanol Plant in Huelva, Spain

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Grupo Ansasol’s green hydrogen unit, Hydron, is developing a massive green methanol plant in the Port of Huelva, Spain. This facility, expected to be operational by 2027, has the potential to produce one million tonnes of renewable methanol annually by 2029.

This project, known as MetGreenPort, represents a significant step towards decarbonization for both Spain and the European Union. The plant will utilize green hydrogen generated through water electrolysis powered by renewable energy, alongside captured carbon dioxide from nearby industries, to produce clean-burning methanol.

Grupo Ansasol’s Hydron unit, through Sunna Solar SL, has embarked on an ambitious journey to erect ‘Europe’s largest’ green methanol production facility at the Port of Huelva, eyeing an operational start in 2027. The MetGreenPort project, hailed as a significant leap toward a greener economy, envisages the annual production of one million tonnes of renewable methanol by 2029, powered by an 800MW electrolyzation process.

Set against the backdrop of the Port Authority of Huelva’s (APH) supportive framework, this venture is a testament to Hydron’s expertise in harnessing green hydrogen through the advanced electrolysis of water, complemented by renewable energy sources and carbon dioxide captured from neighboring industrial emissions. The project’s integration into Ansasol’s expansive portfolio, which includes a surge in photovoltaic energy projects amounting to 23.7 MWp and nine green hydrogen projects, underscores the company’s resolute dedication to spearheading the energy transition.

Tobias Greiling, CEO and co-founder of Grupo Ansasol, said that the launch of the MetGreenPort project,  “Represents a great milestone” for the company and for “the transition towards a decarbonized economy.” “Within our commitment to promoting renewable energies, this project is a paradigm of a new innovative and sustainable industry, which will have a positive impact on society and job creation and will allow us to advance in conservation and environmental education,” he added.

By intertwining the production of e-methanol with the strategic distribution across Extremadura and Andalusia, and leveraging Enagás’s green hydrogen transport infrastructure, Ansasol is crafting a robust energy ecosystem. This endeavor not only amplifies Huelva’s role as a crucial European energy nexus but also aligns seamlessly with global objectives for sustainability, environmental preservation, and decarbonization.


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