GS Caltex Opens First All-in-One Hydrogen Fueling Station in Korea

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GS Caltex Main
  • Filling station supplying gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), electricity and hydrogen
  • Built-in cooperation with Hyundai Motor, it’s the first hydrogen station of its kind to be built on a private site in Seoul.
  • Accelerate the expansion of energy services in line with future mobility changes

GS Caltex is launching a hydrogen charging station built in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company and is presenting its first ‘Converged Energy Station’ in Seoul / Seoul Metropolitan Area.

GS Caltex Hydrogen and Multi Fuel StationOn the 28th, GS Caltex completed the construction of a hydrogen filling station (‘H Gangdong Hydrogen Recharge Station ㅣ GS Caltex’) at a gas station and LPG filling station in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, and started operations.

Following the installation of a 100kw-class electric vehicle rapid charger in October, the hydrogen station was opened this time to complete a convergence energy station of about 1,000 pyeong that can supply not only ‘petrol, diesel, LPG, electricity’ but also ‘hydrogen’.

‘H Gangdong Hydrogen Recharge Station ㅣ GS Caltex’ is the first hydrogen station installed in a private site in Seoul. It is a commercial hydrogen recharging station operated directly by GS Caltex in order to comply with the government’s ‘Hydrogen Economy Activation’ policy. It is considered to be safer than a facility that directly produces hydrogen in a charging station by receiving hydrogen from the outside. It operates from 8 am to 10 pm, and it can serve about 70 hydrogen-electric vehicles per day.

The extra-large convergence energy station with a length of more than 100m is equipped with two car washes and a number of self-service corners for cleaning the inside of the vehicle, so customers of the eco-friendly car can also use it. Hydrogen Recharge Station During the month, free car wash service and bottled water are provided to hydrogen recharge customers. In the future, we plan to continuously expand services specialized for eco-friendly car customers, which will improve the accessibility and convenience of customers in the eastern and metropolitan areas of Seoul.


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