H-TEC Systems Positions Itself for the Future of a Commercial Hydrogen Economy with its 10 megawatt PEM Electrolyser

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Lübeck/Husum – At HUSUM Wind 2019 H-TEC SYSTEMS is not only presenting its market-ready PEM electrolysers in the one megawatt class for decentralised applications directly at wind power plants, in heat sinks or at hydrogen fuel stations to the international wind energy business world.

The German hydrogen technology manufacturer, which is ranked among the top 10 worldwide, is also showing its expanded portfolio for the future: a 10 megawatt electrolyser. Visitors can find out all about this next-level concept, which makes use of proven proprietary PEM stack technology by H-TEC at stand 1C09. The innovative system will be available from 2022.

“The planned 10 megawatt PEM electrolyser will be able to produced 4,500 kilograms of hydrogen per day. That is enough hydrogen to power for example around 900 cars or 50 buses or even 50 trains with fuel cell drive – based on today’s fuel consumption values”, explains Heinrich Gärtner, CEO of H-TEC SYSTEMS. “Here we are talking about climate-neutral hydrogen efficiently produced from renewable energies such as wind. The market potential of green hydrogen as a fuel for the transport sector simply keeps on growing. H-TEC also has great strategic synergies as MAN Energy Solutions is an investor who is involved in large-scale methanation projects. The demand for electrolysis is extremely high in this area.”

The trend is clearly towards multi-megawatt systems for the power grid. The real-life laboratories in Germany are already proof of this as well as nearly all the current hydrogen strategies in the German states, be it the strategy of the five North German shore-line states or those of Bavaria and the Nuremberg and/or Augsburg regions. stations in Germany (a further 30 are being planned/approved) as well as cities and communities, dozens of which are investing in hydrogen buses for public transport.

The PEM electrolysers in the performance classes ME 100/350 (225 kW) and ME 450/1400 (1 MW) by H-TEC SYSTEMS are already in demand on the market mainly for decentralised applications, e.g. for wind park operators in North Germany with the primary aim of selling green hydrogen as a fuel to closely located hydrogen fuel stations and for feeding hydrogen into the natural gas network.

You can see H-TEC SYSTEMS technologies in action at HUSUM Wind from 10th to 13th September 2019, Hall 1, Stand 1C09.


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