H2 Clipper Appoints Robert Shelton as Vice President of Intellectual Property to Manage IP Assets

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Fuel Cells Works, H2 Clipper Appoints Robert Shelton as Vice President of Intellectual Property to Manage IP Assets

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.H2 Clipper, Inc., an aerospace and alternative energy company developing uniquely capable hydrogen-powered airships and end-to-end hydrogen infrastructure solutions, has appointed Robert Shelton as Vice President of Intellectual Property (IP). A longtime member of the H2 Clipper executive team, Shelton previously served as Vice President of Administration. In his new and expanded role, Shelton will focus on managing H2 Clipper’s rapidly growing IP portfolio. To date, Shelton has helped H2 Clipper secure 10 U.S. patents, representing more than 250 individual claims, with approximately 10 more U.S. and International patents pending.“Robert’s background in business management and patent development has been a key part of our success as a company,” said H2 Clipper founder and CEO Rinaldo Brutoco. “He is skilled at taking an idea and bringing together the research, the team, and the required administrative approvals to realize a vision. In his new role, Robert will continue to research, develop, and help secure patent protection for our core products.”

H2 Clipper CFO Joe Massaquoi said, “Robert’s work has been instrumental in creating significant IP value in the company, which is vital to drive innovation, retain and grow engineering talent, sustain competitive advantage, and advance our commercial roadmap.”

Shelton brings over 30 years of diverse experience in the emerging technology, clean energy, and environmental industries, among others. Prior to H2 Clipper, Shelton was President of The Shangri-La Group and Vice President of the World Business Academy. Shangri-La is an investment and consulting organization that helps for-profit businesses utilize the World Business Academy’s principles of building businesses and investing in innovations that help people and contribute positively to the health of the planet. Before that, Shelton was the founder of software development company, Private Access, Inc., which was named as #12 on the Forbes list of America’s Twenty Most Promising Companies in 2009.

Shelton’s vast business experience also includes serving as Founding Director, VP Licensing of Allcare Health Management Systems, and leading ventures in retail, real estate, and non-profit sectors. As a real estate developer, Shelton led a company specializing in public-private partnerships with municipalities, which developed the Palm Springs Convention Center and its headquarters hotel complex. He subsequently led the property acquisition and pre-development activities resulting in a 450,000 sq. ft lifestyle entertainment center directly across from the entry to Disneyland in Anaheim, and projects in Texas and Colorado. In the non-profit sector, he served as Chairman of KS&A (subsequently renamed AXYS), a national advocacy, education, and support organization for individuals with X and Y chromosome variations and their families.

Shelton is the named inventor on 14 issued patents. He holds an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, and a B.S. in Public and International Affairs from The George Washington University.

“I enjoy helping innovative companies that make purposeful things happen,” said Shelton. “I’ve known H2 Clipper Founder, Rinaldo Brutoco, for almost 25 years, and we share a passion to solve the global issue of climate change. I am committed to helping H2 Clipper realize its mission of advancing the hydrogen economy.”

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About H2 Clipper, Inc.

H2 Clipper, Inc. is the developer of high-speed, Pipeline-in-the-Sky™ hydrogen-powered airships for long distance global transport that use no fossil fuels and have a host of commercial and humanitarian applications, and of the new Pipe-within-a-Pipe™ “last mile” distribution system to deliver pure hydrogen to end users. Since 2008, the company has made significant strategic investments to research, develop, and patent core IP in modern airship design and regional solutions for delivery of hydrogen, forming a global end-to-end hydrogen infrastructure.

H2 Clipper recently completed the research and concept design phases on its disruptive modern airships using the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. The airship-based Pipeline-in-the-Sky™ for transporting pure hydrogen to market also enables point-to-point delivery of cargo and other payloads at speeds of 150+ miles per hour; a significant advantage over truck, rail, ship, airplane, or pipeline.


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