H2 Green and Eversholt Rail to Develop Hydrogen Supply Solutions for the UK Railway

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LONDON, UK –H2 Green Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getech Group, has signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Eversholt Rail to develop hydrogen supply solutions for the UK railway.

Pursuant to the MoU, H2 Green and Eversholt Rail have agreed to work together to determine the production and refuelling infrastructure required to support wide-scale deployment of hydrogen-powered trains.

The focus of the partnership is to provide low-cost and reliable green hydrogen for trains, a prerequisite for the deployment of fleets on routes where electrification is not technically or economically viable. In Scotland, these routes initially include the Far North and West Highland Lines.

The Company believes that the MoU will be a catalyst that enables the rapid deployment of hydrogen rolling stock for the UK railway. The next stage of the strategic partnership will be the development of commercial propositions for rail hydrogen supply systems, which H2Green and Eversholt Rail will together present to transport operators, infrastructure companies, and relevant government departments and agencies. Further announcements regarding the progress of such proposals will be made, as appropriate.

Jonathan Copus, Chief Executive Officer commented: “Hydrogen has been designated a strategic fuel by the UK Government and it is set to play a key role in the decarbonisation of commercial transport. Getech is working to accelerate hydrogen adoption by using our location analytics to identify optimal sites to develop hydrogen production, storage, and refuelling networks. We are also progressing multiple discussions with potential anchor customers.

For rail companies operating in remote locations, there is a compelling economic and business rationale to be both early adopters and large volume customers of green hydrogen. We are therefore pleased to be working in partnership with Eversholt Rail, a leading UK railway rolling stock owner, to advance the infrastructure essential to supporting wide-scale deployment of hydrogen-powered trains.

This partnership is an important step toward defining the locations of our initial green hydrogen hubs, and we look forward to updating shareholders with further developments.”

Eversholt Rail is a leading rolling stock company in the UK, with over 25 years of experience in the rail industry. Its rolling stock portfolio currently comprises over 3,200 passenger and freight vehicles.

Eversholt Rail has a proud record of innovation and is currently engaged in several major programmes to help the UK rail industry to meet its decarbonisation commitments.

H2 Green is working to deliver security of supply by developing a network of large-scale production hubs across the UK. With strategic land assets on the UK rail network and a focus on driving down costs through economies of scale in the design process, H2 Green is ideally positioned to provide train operators with a guaranteed supply of green hydrogen wherever it is needed. The high-volume offtake that rail fleets require will set a cornerstone for hydrogen production hubs, capable of servicing road vehicles as well.

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