H2 V Energies: Massive Green Hydrogen Production Project will soon be unveiled in Bécancour, Québec

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H2V Energies

Green Hydrogen: H2 V Energies takes another step forward and announces the opening of its order book

MONTRÉAL— A massive green hydrogen production project will soon be unveiled in Bécancour, Québec. H2 V Energies’ Alpha plant will be a launch pad for bringing full green hydrogen to the North American scene, becoming a global showcase with a zero environmental footprint, in line with international climate change objectives.

As of today, the Québec based company H2 V Energies is accepting orders for green hydrogen, i.e., decarbonated, traceable hydrogen in gaseous form and up to 99.8% pure, which will be delivered compressed at 300, 500 or 950 bars starting in 2022. The start-up company is thus launching a continental plan for its deployment. The price of this green hydrogen will be CAN$3.50 (US$2.67 in U.S. currency as of January 21, 2020) per kilogram, plus taxes, deployment and delivery charges extra: a most affordable price, less expensive than diesel fuel and defying all competition.  Transport will be carried out by tankers operating on green H2.

“By declaring that we are accepting orders today, we are taking an important step towards the realization of our ambitious project’’ said Normand Goyette, President and CEO of H2 V Energies. “This essential step is the result of hard work over the past few years and it sets the process in motion towards the construction of the plant that will be located in the Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park.’’

This is an international first. The start-up of a plasma gasification system followed by a refining system, an advanced, low complexity, proven and patented technology will use raw materials. These materials will include residual forest biomass, mixed papers (with less than 8% contamination) banned by China in 2018 and very recently by India, wood construction and demolition waste and finally, hydroelectricity as renewable energy.

The particularity of this concept is that there is no steam reforming  hydrocarbons orelectrolysis of water and no need for wind turbines and solar panels.

The plant will convert waste wood, bark and paper into syngas and then turn it into green   hydrogen.  Compared to the concept of water electrolysis, the new industrial plasma process:

  1. Will consume 4 to 6 times less electricity per kg of green hydrogen produced, reducing the load on the electrical grid;
  2. Reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere resulting from the decomposition of residues causing methane emanations in Québec forests (greenhouse gas 25x that of CO2).
  3. Recovers water from the biomass by distillation, thus producing more water than it consumes;
  4. Better suited for large-scale green H2 production than electrolysis.

H2 V Energies will become a major player in the production of decarbonated hydrogen, and close to 49,000 tons will be produced annually with the opening of this plant. The demand for green hydrogen will increase significantly over the next few years. The H2 V Energies project will serve to develop the emerging potential of domestic markets: mobility, maritime, rail, industrial and enrichment by injection into the natural gas distribution networks (“Power-to-Gas”) – GN-GNL-GNC-, contributing very significantly to achieving the objectives of greenhouse gas reduction, sustainable development and adaptation to climate change.

H2 V Energies wishes to thank the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières’ Hydrogen Research Institute for their scientific contribution and the collaboration of the Québec’s Ministry of Environment and Fight against climate change.

Building a sustainable future with its customers is the basis for the creation of the H2 V Energies “Start-Up’’.

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