H2Carrier AS Announces Pioneering Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Project in Arctic Norway

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H2Carrier AS, a pioneering Norwegian developer, has unveiled ambitious plans to establish Norway’s first integrated Power-to-X (PtX) and wind power project in the remote region of Finnmark. The project includes the development of two onshore wind farms with a substantial combined capacity of 1.55GW, aimed at powering the production of green hydrogen and ammonia directly on a floating vessel.

On April 22, 2024, H2Carrier AS submitted applications to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) to develop the Oksefjorden wind farm on the Skjøtnigberg/Nordkyn peninsula and the Rubbedalshøgda wind farm on the Varanger peninsula. These farms are expected to generate an estimated 6,356 GWh annually, contributing significantly to Norway’s carbon reduction goals.

The innovative aspect of this project is the world’s first floating ammonia production vessel. This ship will be moored near shore, leveraging the renewable power generated from the onshore wind farms to produce approximately 109,000 tons of green hydrogen and 610,000 tons of ammonia annually. This method offers a sustainable solution by minimizing the environmental footprint compared to conventional onshore production facilities.

Mårten Lunde, CEO of H2Carrier AS, said, “We are pleased to present plans for two large green energy projects in Finnmark which allows us to leverage technologies and processes developed from Norway’s offshore oil & gas activities. It is important to us that the projects have been developed and designed in a close co-operation with the host municipalities. The limited grid capacity in Finnmark represents a bottle neck for development of new renewable power. By establishing new green industries on a floating production vessel adjacent to the wind farm, we are no longer dependent on an expansion of the national grid”

The applications to NVE are just the beginning, with further procedures including public hearings and impact assessments expected to follow. The projects are developed in close cooperation with the host municipalities of Lebesby, Gamvik, Båtsfjord, and Berlevåg, ensuring that the initiatives align with local interests and contribute positively to the community.



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