H2U Technologies Announces Hydrogen Industry’s First Commercial-Scale Non-Iridium PEM Electrolyzer

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CHATSWORTH, Calif. H2U Technologies, an electrolyzer developer, announces the successful demonstration of the first non-iridium Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer for commercial hydrogen production. At the end of 2022, H2U proved the efficacy of its non-iridium catalyst materials in small-scale electrolyzer stacks. Since then, the company has scaled this technology to a 200kW electrolyzer system for in-house testing and demonstration. This significant achievement is a crucial step toward H2U’s goals of alleviating iridium supply chain constraints on the growing electrolyzer industry and reducing the costs of green hydrogen production.

Today, all commercially available PEM electrolyzers rely on iridium catalysts to function. As the electrolyzer industry grows, global iridium scarcity poses a serious threat to scale-up. In its most recent Global Hydrogen Review publication, the International Energy Agency states, “If PEMs supplied all electrolyser production in 2030 in the Net zero Emissions Scenario, demand for iridium would skyrocket to 63 kt, nine times current global production.” H2U’s electrolyzer presents a solution to this challenge by offering an alternative, iridium-free option.

During the in-house demonstration of its 200kW iridium-free electrolyzer system, the H2U team is collecting operational data to further validate the durability and performance of novel non-iridium catalysts at the commercial scale. The company will apply those lessons learned to the design review and construction of their first external proof-of-concept units set to ship at the end of this year.

“This is a significant milestone for H2U on our path to solving a key problem facing the hydrogen industry: the dependency on scarce and precious materials currently needed to make hydrogen. We and others believe H2U’s non-iridium PEM electrolyzers have the potential to transform the green hydrogen industry,” said Mark McGough, CEO of H2U Technologies. “Our breakthrough technology will bring down gas production costs and alleviate supply chain constraints, making green hydrogen more accessible and cost-effective for a wide range of applications.”

“From a 200W benchtop, short stack to a 200kW full containerized system in less than eight months using catalysts never before seen in a PEM electrolyzer is a tremendous accomplishment. Now the world can see that there are easily integrated, direct-replacement electrocatalysts for the gigawatts of electrolyzers being planned across the world,” noted David Martin, Chief Commercial Officer of H2U Technologies.

Customers seeking to advance their hydrogen projects can observe the operational electrolyzer system at H2U’s facilities in Chatsworth, Calif. Interested parties can tour H2U’s facilities to witness first-hand how the H2U team uncovers the novel catalysts employed in their electrolyzers. To join the waiting list for these groundbreaking demonstrations, visit

To learn more about how H2U is developing technologies that dramatically reduce the cost of green hydrogen, visit H2U can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About H2U Technologies, Inc.

H2U Technologies is a California-based developer of low-capital-cost, iridium-free proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers that are particularly suited for pairing with renewable energy sources. The company leverages its Catalyst Discovery Engine™ (CDE™) capabilities to develop novel catalysts for use in its electrolyzer systems. The world-class technology featured in H2U Technologies’ products stems from ten years of research and development at Caltech, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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