Haffner Energy Wins the Energy Decarbonization Prize at the INOVANA Regional Contest for Its HYNOCA® Solution

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Haffner Energy, located in the heart of the Marne region, is proud to be the winner of the INOVANA prize, a regional contest for innovation in the non-food valorization of agro-resources. The award, presented on September 7, 2023 at the Châlons-en-Champagne’s Fair by Jérôme Betton, Regional Director of ADEME Grand Est, recognizes Haffner Energy’s HYNOCA® solution for producing green hydrogen and biochar from biomass residues.

With 30 years’ expertise in biomass energy recovery, and nearly 40 projects completed in Europe, Haffner Energy has developed and industrialized a disruptive technology for the production of hydrogen and renewable gases based on the thermolysis of biomass. Thanks to its HYNOCA® (“HYdrogen NO CArbon”) solution, protected by 15 patent families, Haffner Energy supports mobility, industry and local authorities in their energy transition and decarbonization objectives.

Haffner Energy Wins the Energy Decarbonization Prize at the INOVANA Regional Contest for Its HYNOCA%C2%AE SolutionThe fruit of 15 years of research and development, the HYNOCA® solution’s relevance lies both in its ability to produce renewable hydrogen from a wide variety of biomass residues, and in the co-production of a permanent carbon sink: biochar. Biochar is a plant-based charcoal that offers significant agronomic benefits and enables the sustainable removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

“This prize rewards Haffner Energy’s strong commitment to building bridges between the region’s industrial and agricultural economic players, previously unaccustomed to working with each other. Haffner Energy’s technology is largely based on local agro-forestry biomass. More than just a technology, this award highlights the convergence between sectors whose interests are finally aligning. We need to think globally about the ecological and energy challenge, while acting locally”, explains Christian Bestien, Haffner Energy’s General Manager for External Relations and Partnerships.

Haffner Energy would like to congratulate the other winners, In’Bô (innovation prize) and ABCDE (territorial prize) competitions, and warmly thank Agria Grand Est and its partners (ADEME, Région Grand Est, Groupama Grand Est and Crédit Agricole Lorraine).

Since 2005, Agria Grand Est has organized the INOVANA regional competition for innovation in non-food uses of agro-resources every 2 years. The aim of this competition is to reward and promote the innovations of players in the Grand Est region who combine innovation, agro-resources, technological challenges and environmental concerns.

About Haffner Energy

A listed family company co-founded and co-directed by Marc and Philippe Haffner, and a key player in the energy transition for 30 years, Haffner Energy designs and supplies innovative decarbonation solutions for mobility, industry and local authorities. Its HYNOCA®, SYNOCA® and SAFNOCA® solutions, based on biomass thermolysis, a technology protected by 15 patent families, enable customers to produce locally renewable hydrogen and gas, as well as other green energies such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel, while capturing carbon from the atmosphere through the co-production of biochar. Thanks to this “carbon-negative” technology, decoupled from the cost of fossil fuels and electricity, Haffner Energy provides an immediate, agile and competitive response to the strategic challenges of energy independence and decarbonization in France and abroad.

About Agria Grand Est

At the heart of the Grand Est region, the experts at Agria Grand Est support companies in the bioeconomy (agri-food and agro-resources companies) to help them meet the challenges of development, whatever their size, whatever their sector. The aim of this association, founded in 1986 by agri-food companies and research and higher education organizations in Lorraine, is to promote the competitiveness and technological development of regional bio-economy companies.

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