Hamburg Hosts First “National Hydrogen Business Forum”

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Fuel Cells Works, Hamburg Hosts First "National Hydrogen Business Forum"

Politicians, associations, industry and science review strategy – talks on framework conditions

Representatives of the German government, members of the National Hydrogen Council, associations, science and industry met Wednesday (May 18, 2022) in Hamburg for the first National Hydrogen Economy Forum, chaired by Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics. Emphasis was on the status of the National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS) adopted in 2020 and its deficits. Current lead projects in the hydrogen sector were presented and recommendations for a stringent market ramp-up were discussed. Clearly, plenty remains to be done in terms of speed, investment security and a competitive supply of green energy.

Electrolysis capacity of 10 gigawatts targeted for 2030

All those attending welcomed the new goals for ramping up the hydrogen sector outlined in the coalition agreement. One of the goals is to rapidly advance the import and transport infrastructure to achieve an electrolysis capacity of around 10 gigawatts by 2030. Domestic production is to be based mostly on renewable energies. The delegates named further framework conditions for a stringent market ramp-up and the development of an innovative, export-oriented hydrogen sector. The targeted expansion of renewable energies must ensure “that industry receives sufficient green electricity and hydrogen at competitive prices for decarbonisation”. That is the only way to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045, they said. Delegates also called for swifter approval and implementation of projects.

Hamburg becoming national hydrogen hotspot

Speaking at the event in Altona, Westhagemann stressed: “Hamburg has already morphed into a national hydrogen hotspot with various initiatives and projects. The Hanseatic city combines the industrial policy opportunities of the market ramp-up of green hydrogen with the goals of climate protection. He added: “The North German Hydrogen Strategy provides the framework for the Hamburg Hydrogen Economy Cluster, the hydrogen import strategy, the construction of large-scale electrolysis plants and the decarbonisation of industry. A targeted and spirited strategy update by the German government, for which this forum has made proposals, can and must have an inspiring effect on us.”

National Hydrogen Strategy 2020

The National Hydrogen Strategy, presented by the then German government in June 2020, is crucial for achieving the energy transition and decarbonising key industrial sectors in Germany. The strategy creates the framework for a market ramp-up along the entire hydrogen value chain and using generating plants across Germany and imports of hydrogen to meet demand.


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