Haskel Hydrogen Systems Unveils New Hydrogen Refuelling Stations to Expand Small-Fleet Opportunities

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Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group, a division of Haskel that supports global refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen mobility, is pleased to announce the development of its new cost-effective hydrogen fuelling stations – Nano and Nano Pro.

The new systems are compact, plug-and-play hydrogen refuelling stations aimed at serving the needs of small fleet customers. With a flexible configuration for specific vehicle applications and a smaller footprint, the Nano stations are easily portable and will integrate seamlessly with existing or new infrastructures.

“The launch of the Nano range is another key example of Haskel’s commitment to the growth and implementation of clean technology on a global platform. Our team understands the current barriers to hydrogen mobility adoption among consumers and we’re dedicated to helping the market overcome them,” stated Darran Heath, Haskel’s Global General Manager – Hydrogen.

“This new system, which was designed with consumers in mind, will offer an affordable way to fuel an FCEV pilot program or small-scale fleets. We’re looking forward to demonstrating the simplicity of hydrogen refuelling and showcasing the value it offers,” said Heath.

Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group will showcase their full range of modular refuelling solutions, including the Nano and Geno ranges, through exhibitions and demonstrations. The refuelling technology with be paired with the group’s own FCEV, a Toyota Mirai.

In addition to developing the Nano Range, Haskel continues to strategically invest in creating a global H2 business and is looking to build on its current successes. The organization’s facility in Sunderland, UK serves as a home base for a team of industry experts with specialized development and production areas. It is supported by innovative hydrogen test facilities and dedicated refuelling equipment. The facility is open to those interested in seeing a showcase of the technology behind hydrogen testing, refuelling, and the simplicity of vehicle fuelling.

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