Helbio Delivers the 5 kW CHP System to Notes in Japan

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Metacon subsidiary Helbio has manufactured a shipped a 5kW CHP (H2PS-5) system running on LPG to Notes Co., Ltd. in Nagano, that was announced via a press release on May 1, 2019.

“I’m pleased that the unit was finally shipped off to Japan. It is been standing ready for delivery over a few weeks but been delayed due to global logistics disruptions amid covid-19”, said Helbio COO Thomas Chalkidis.

Metacon subsidiary Metacon KK received an order on May 1, 2019 from Notes Co., Ltd. in Nagano, Japan. The order comprises a 5kW CHP system (H2PS-5) and will mainly be used for testing purposes. The order value does not exceed €50,000.

“We are very pleased with the order as it is our first in Japan for a 5kW CHP unit. This is also a good reference for other potential customers” said Masanori Miyake, Managing Director Metacon KK.


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