HevenDrones & RV Connex Partner for Hydrogen-Powered Thai Drone Ecosystem

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Hydrogen-powered actionable drone manufacturer and Thai technology incubator express joint commitment to advancing Defense, Cyber, IoT and Logistics infrastructure across Thailand in accordance with the country’s 20-year national strategy .

MEVO CARMEL, Israel and BANGKOK, Thailand  HevenDrones, a leader in hydrogen-powered actionable drones for commercial and military use, and RV Connex, a Thai technology incubator, has announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at developing a national smart drone technology ecosystem in Thailand. The MoU will span key economic sectors including defense, cyber security, IoT and logistics and reflects RV Connex’s mission to build a sustainable, safe and connected national infrastructure in accordance with the country’s 20 year national strategy.

Additionally, RV Connex will work with HevenDrones to introduce cutting-edge advancements into Thailand’s existing drones market across the public, private and military sectors, in particular, the use of hydrogen-powered drones, as well as smart IoT-connected control centers. 

“We are delighted to have signed this MoU, which reflects our deep commitment to leveraging drone technology in order to advance global connectivity, safety and efficiency across a range of key industries,” said Bentzion Levinson, CEO and Founder of HevenDrones. “It is our hope that our work with RV Connex will lead to the development of many disruptive defense, cyber security, IoT and logistics use-cases across Thailand, resulting in new jobs, sustainable economic growth and a reduction in carbon emissions on a national scale.” 

“We are thrilled to be working towards a joint vision of sustainable technological development with a global leader in both actionable drones and hydrogen mobility,” said Mr. Peeraphon Trakulchang, Vice President of RV Connex. “We look forward to working closely with HevenDrones in order to advance the introduction of smart drone technology in Thailand. Our primary focus will be on building out a robust ecosystem of IoT connectivity and sustainable hydrogen-powered mobility.”

About HevenDrones

HevenDrones is building the next generation of multi-purpose, actionable drones, capable of solving a range of commercial, infrastructural, humanitarian and military challenges. Actionable drones not only capture visual and sonic information but can perform highly useful tasks simultaneously. From autonomous last-mile product delivery to defense missions, emergency response, and infrastructure repair, Heven’s fully-customizable drone solutions deliver cutting-edge performance, patented stability and superior lifting capability. The company is an early adopter of hydrogen technology, significantly extending flight times and speed. Heven’s leadership team includes industry experts from military, engineering and science backgrounds, with decades of combined experience. For more information, please visit

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