HNO International Spearheads Scalable Hydrogen Energy Platform (SHEP™) to Pioneer Green Hydrogen Production in 2024

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HOUSTON– In a historic collaboration, HNO International, Inc. (OTC: HNOI) is leading a groundbreaking initiative alongside Element One Energy and Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company (PHC). Together, they are set to develop the world’s first 500 kg per day green hydrogen production facility in Houston, Texas. The completion of this pioneering project is anticipated in Q2 of 2024, marking a significant leap forward in sustainable hydrogen infrastructure.

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Introducing HNO International’s Scalable Hydrogen Energy Platform (SHEP). A 3D render of SHEP’s major components with component labels of each component.

This state-of-the-art facility is the inaugural installation in HNO International’s Scalable Hydrogen Energy Platform (SHEP™), a modular and scalable hydrogen energy system designed to efficiently produce, store, and dispense green hydrogen from water using a 1.25MW electrolyzer. SHEP is crafted with versatility in mind, catering to the diverse needs of developers, companies, communities, and municipalities.

SHEP’s remarkable scalability allows it to produce beyond 5,000 kg of hydrogen per day with additional electrolyzers and other integrated components, making it an ideal solution for various industrial and commercial applications. The modular platform’s adaptability ensures it can meet the evolving demands of hydrogen production and usage across a spectrum of applications.

An additional advantage of SHEP is its compact footprint, requiring less than 3,000 sqft, providing flexibility in installation across diverse locations. Furthermore, SHEP offers users the choice of power sources, allowing for utilization of grid or renewable power, presenting a 100% green, off-grid option.

“This collaboration represents a major milestone in our commitment to sustainable energy solutions,” stated Donald Owens, Chairman at HNO International. “The development of the 500kg per day green hydrogen production facility in Houston is a testament to our dedication to advancing sustainable hydrogen infrastructure. This facility is just the beginning, as we have plans for additional installations in 2024, 2025, and beyond, further solidifying our position as leaders in the hydrogen energy infrastructure sector.”

HNO International invites stakeholders, investors, and industry partners to stay informed about this transformative project and the broader impact SHEP is poised to make in the global transition towards sustainable energy.

For more information about HNOI and its innovative SHEP technology, please visit or contact us at [email protected].

About HNO International, Inc

HNO International (HNOI) is a company specializing in the design, integration, and development of green hydrogen-based energy technologies. With over 13 years of experience in green hydrogen production, HNOI and its leadership team are on a mission to help lead the renewable energy transition by making energy accessible to businesses and communities worldwide. Their pioneering solutions, including the Scalable Hydrogen Energy Platform (SHEP) and the Compact Hydrogen Refueling Station (CHRS), are setting new standards for green hydrogen production.

About Element One Energy

Element One Energy, a U.S. based expert in the design and manufacturing of electrolyzers and solid-state hydrogen storage systems, develops technology to meet the need for Ultra Low-Cost Green Hydrogen (ULGH) production and storage. Having over 20 years of engineering experience with cryogenic storage and high pressures, Element One Energy brings unique solutions to facilitate the domestic energy transition. By internally executing the design, manufacturing, and construction of hydrogen projects, Element One Energy efficiently collaborates with customers to meet their green energy cost and production targets. Their focus is developing comprehensive, low CAP-Ex and OP-Ex electrolysis-based hydrogen facilities. Element One Energy serves industries such as hydrogen production, heavy haul, power generation, and aerospace.

About Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company, a leader in the compressed gas industry for over 60 years, along with their hydrogen division Total Hydrogen Solutions, is the largest North American distributor for Haskel and serves a broad range of industries, including notable aerospace clients like SpaceXBlue OriginNASA, and with their affiliate company provides power distribution technology to the majority of major data centers in the United States with clients such as AmazonMeta, and Microsoft. Their extensive experience in fluid power solutions and high-pressure systems, along with their distribution lines of over 40 industry-leading brands of related equipment will be instrumental in this project. PHC has the capability to provide all aspects of hydrogen creation, compression, and distribution processes through its Total Hydrogen Solutions division. To learn more about PHC visit


SOURCE: HNO International



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