Hopium Confirms Its Hydrogen Sedan Prototype Coming in June 2021

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fuelcellsworks, Hopium Confirms Its Hydrogen Sedan Prototype Coming in June 2021

Paris, France  — The future is in the making. Racing driver Olivier Lombard confirms the arrival in June 2021 of Hopium Māchina’s prototype, the first high-end zero-emission hydrogen powered sedan.

The French manufacturer Hopium that listed on the Paris Stock Exchange at the end of last year, aims to become the world leader in hydrogen mobility with its vehicle hitting the roads by 2025.

To achieve this industrial feat, Olivier Lombard, CEO and founder of Hopium, has surrounded himself with a team of experts, including car designer Félix Godard, previously at Porsche, Tesla or more recently Lucid Motors, who signs the sleek design and aerodynamic lines of Hopium Māchina ; and Loïc Bouillo, Programs Director (former-PSA and Safran), in charge of orchestrating the development of the vehicle and its technological platform.

This unique platform, unveiled late January, sets the standards for a next generation of hydrogen cars. It has been specifically designed to serve the most abundant element on earth and take it to its highest level.

The model, equipped with revolutionary proprietary technologies, promises unmatched performances for a hydrogen vehicle:  500+ hp and 1000+ km of range (629+ miles) for a record filling time of only 3 minutes. Forward-looking, it will combine hyperconnectivity, safety and ergonomics in a cabin that is both sporty and comfortable, while meeting the environmental challenges of our era.

The prototype, currently in an advanced manufacturing stage, is the first in a series thought out to validate the various cutting-edge technologies incorporated in the vehicle. It constitutes a major step in the rigorous preparation of its industrialization.


A High-Tech Manufacturer founded by Olivier Lombard, the youngest winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Hopium is the result of his experience as a professional racing driver.

Olivier Lombard has been driving hydrogen powered racing cars for 7 years, making him the world’s most experienced racer in this field. The race was like an open-air laboratory which made it possible for Olivier Lombard and his team to reflect on new mobility solutions to meet contemporary environmental challenges. While the transport sector alone is responsible for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, the company is positioning itself as a player in climate change.

Hopium brings together a team of leading partners and experts at the forefront of innovation in the hydrogen fuel cell and automotive engineering sectors.


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