Howden Welcomes UK Government Hydrogen Funding Increase

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Fuel Cells Works, Howden Welcomes UK Government Hydrogen Funding Increase

Howden Group based in Renfrew, Scotland, a leading global provider of mission critical air and gas handling products, technologies and services with leadership in hydrogen compression solutions, has welcomed the UK Government announcing an increase in funding for hydrogen at the Hydrogen Investment Summit in July 2022.

With over 100 years of experience in the compression of hydrogen, Howden, headquartered in the UK, plays a key role across the hydrogen value chain with its industry leading, broad compression technologies and solutions.

Salah Mahdy, Global Director of Renewable Hydrogen at Howden, comments: “We welcome this move from the UK government and consider it to be a critical milestone and step in the right direction toward developing a leading hydrogen economy in the UK. It conveys an important message to the market and shows a further commit from the government to make hydrogen a cornerstone of the UK’s energy transition.

“This is real opportunity for businesses involved in the hydrogen industry to help the UK take a step forward in the energy transition and take leadership in the sector.”

“We also recognise this as a crucial step in raising the public awareness of the carbon emissions and sustainability challenges in general, and in particular the role that hydrogen can play to help the UK reach its net zero targets and tackle the climate crisis.”

Howden is taking a leadership role in hydrogen and the energy transition through development and supply of its hydrogen compressors, technology and services.. Howden’s hydrogen solutions have enabled some of the world’s most unique and innovative hydrogen projects including the largest hydrogen refuelling station in the world in China;  the first fossil-free steel plant in the world in Sweden;  biomass to hydrogen project in the US and the first climate neutral fuel (eFuel) plant in the world in Chile.

Howden is an active member in some of the world’s most important global and regional hydrogen associations. The business actively shares its expertise with other industry leaders to identify drivers for long-term economic growth, to navigate and de-risk the pathway to the clean hydrogen energy transition.

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