Hydelta 3 Continues Hydrogen Research

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Hydelta 3 Continues Hydrogen Research

This month sees the launch of the third edition of the Dutch public-private research programme HyDelta. The research addresses the economic and technical incorporation of hydrogen gas into the national natural gas transportation and distribution system. HyDelta 3 has a duration of one year. The results of the HyDelta programme are publicly and freely available and are attracting worldwide interest. The HyDelta consortium is formed by Gasunie, Netbeheer Nederland, DNV, Kiwa, TNO and New Energy Coalition (coordinator).

On the initiative of Gasunie and Netbeheer Nederland, the HyDelta consortium formed in 2020, consisting of parties with extensive experience in researching and testing hydrogen transport and application. The research programme focuses on an integrated approach to solutions for the transport and use of hydrogen. Directly applicable research is central. The first phase of the research programme, HyDelta 1, started in January 2021, followed by HyDelta 2. The research results are available in the database:

New issues

During the completed work in HyDelta 1 and 2, new issues emerged in five themes that need to be answered in order to make the right choices now when investing in Dutch gas infrastructure and working safely with hydrogen:

  1. Asset management – on hydrogen gas quality and the reuse of offshore infrastructure
  2. Economy and society – on the rollout of (temporary) self-sufficient hydrogen regions, to relieve grid congestion, for example, and how revenues and risks can be shared
  3. Emissions – on the greenhouse effects of hydrogen and the role of ammonia
  4. Preconditions – on unit standardisation, digitalisation, the hydrogen infrastructure manufacturing industry and spatial layout
  5. Technology and safety – on recommendations for safe handling of hydrogen in the energy network


Hydrogen market start-up

International awareness has been growing in recent years that the production and application of CO2-neutral hydrogen will be an indispensable part of the energy transition. Initiatives have also been taken in the Netherlands, both from industry and policy makers, to achieve the start-up of a hydrogen market. Despite all initiatives, the development of a hydrogen market is still in its early stages. Thus, numerous questions are still open, ranging from technical questions concerning the production and incorporation of hydrogen into the transport and storage system, to questions concerning its economic and legal aspects.

Results from the research programme are published and publicly available. Up-to-date information can always be found at



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