Hyd’Occ Plant’s Promise: Paving Way for Green Energy Revolution in Occitanie

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hydocc plants promise paving way for green energy revolution in occitanie

In the heart of Port-la-Nouvelle’s thriving port, Occitanie Region is gearing up to make a bold stride in decarbonization with the introduction of the Hyd’Occ plant.

 A Catalyst for Decarbonization

The impending facility, set to commence the production of renewable hydrogen by 2025, seeks to drastically transform intensive mobility and industries. It’s a move that syncs perfectly with the region’s aspirations of becoming a beacon of positive energy. As the foundation stone was recently laid, the project guarantees efficient use of clean energy, waste reduction, and public-private collaboration.

Harnessing the Power of Green Hydrogen

The Hyd’Occ plant will utilize green hydrogen, a powerful clean energy source that offers huge potential for a carbon-neutral future. The facility will be linked to the national electricity grid, leveraging France’s low carbon footprint, mainly due to its significant dependency on nuclear energy. The plant will also connect to the upcoming offshore wind farm near Port-la-Nouvelle, reaping the benefits of wind energy’s sustainability. This hybrid approach ensures a constant supply of clean energy to power the eight electrolysers responsible for water-to-hydrogen gas conversion.

Embracing Zero-Waste Philosophy

One of the unique aspects of the Hyd’Occ project is its dedication to zero-waste. Every part of the production process is designed to be maximized. For instance, the heat produced by the electrolysers will be utilized to supply energy to neighboring municipal buildings, thereby boosting energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. Furthermore, the oxygen produced during the industrial process will be used by local industries, reinforcing the circular economy model.

Collaboration is Key

The Hyd’Occ project owes its progress to the collaboration between public and private entities. Led by the Occitanie Region, the initiative has received support from the State, including the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe). The €60 million investment showcases the commitment to fostering sustainable innovation. Renewable energy producer Qair and the Regional Climate Energy Agency (Arec) Occitanie are partnering to ensure the project’s success.

Port-la-Nouvelle: The Epicenter of Energy Transition

Beyond the Hyd’Occ plant, the Occitanie Region plans to transform Port-la-Nouvelle into a key player in the Mediterranean’s energy transition, focusing on green hydrogen and floating wind power. With two pilot farms already under installation, the port is set to become a hub for renewable marine energies in the region.

The Hyd’Occ project is part of a broader initiative to promote hydrogen usage in various sectors. The Occitanie Region supports multiple innovative projects aimed at expanding the deployment of hydrogen.


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