Hydrogen Denmark to Launch Hydrogen Taxis in Copenhagen

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Hydrogen Denmark

Starting tomorrow, Copenhagen taxi riders will be able to use a taxi powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The taxi company DRIVR will have eight new Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) taxis as part of their fleet. 

Hydrogen Taxi in CopenhagenThe launch of the new taxis will be made at an event at Refshaleøen. Attendees at the event will be the Minister of Transport, Ole Birk Olesen, CEO of Toyota Denmark, Frank Okoisor and Brintbranchen’s director, Tejs Laustsen Jensen.

The event takes place on April 30 at. 11.00-11-30 on the quay behind Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab, Refshalevej 151.

“The transitioning of the transport sector is imperative to succeed in combating fossil dependency and air pollution, and the reforming the taxi sector is a great addition to the many green initiatives in Denmark,” said CEO of Hydrogen Denmark Tejs Laustsen Jensen.

“Taxis are in constant motion and FCEV technology is the perfect alternative to traditional fossil fuels because it provides the same range and mobility with none of the damaging emissions.”

Emphasizing the importance of the visibility of the new taxis, Laustsen Jensen said, “During the day many people will ride in these FCEV taxis and a great many more will see them in the streets.”

“This access will increase the knowledge and recognition of FCEVs which can play a contributing role in the future deployment of FCEVs in Denmark.”

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