Hydrogen Europe Publishes the Hydrogen Act

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During the event “Hydrogen in Society – Bridging the Gaps” organised by the Portuguese Presidency, Hydrogen Europe has announced its latest publication: the “Hydrogen Act – Towards the creation of a European hydrogen economy“.

The rapid development of hydrogen is not only important for meeting the EU’s climate objectives but also for preserving and enhancing the EU’s industrial and economic competitiveness. The European Hydrogen Strategy has set ambitious targets with a view to developing a hydrogen economy. The strategy represents the first step towards success. Now, the EU needs to “act” to turn ambition into reality.

It is time that hydrogen moves from an afterthought to a central pillar of the energy system and its key role in delivering climate neutrality means it merits a dedicated framework. It becomes paramount to allow hydrogen to express its full potential as the other leg of the energy, mobility and industry transitions. The proposed “Hydrogen Act” is not a single piece of legislation, it is intended to be a vision for an umbrella framework aimed at harmonising and integrating all separate hydrogen-related actions and legislations. It focuses on infrastructure and market aspects, describing three phases of development: the kick-start phase, the ramp-up phase and the market-growth phase.

João Galamba, Portuguese Deputy Minister and Secretary of State of Energy, warmly welcomed Hydrogen Europe’s publication: “More than agents acting in a market, we need a collective focus and drive to accelerate the implementation of a hydrogen market, create a full hydrogen value chain in Europe and ensure global industrial and technological leadership aligned with the EU’s climate objectives. The Hydrogen Act, prepared by Hydrogen Europe, represents a strategic collaborative effort, giving an excellent contribution to that vision and development of future hydrogen market.” 


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