Hydrogen Fuel Car Fleets Slowly Keep Growing: DREWAG and ENSO Add Fuel Cell Vehicles to Fleets

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DREWAG and ENSO are expanding their joint vehicle fleet.

In addition to 1,200 combustion engines and currently 130 electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles are now available for the first time. It starts with two Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cells cars which were presented with the logos of DREWAG and DREWAG NETZ.

By the end of the year, two Hyundai Nexo will be added, which will be recognizable as ENSO and ENSO NETZ vehicles.

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Those responsible at DREWAG and ENSO received the first two hydrogen cars today from the dealership AIS Toyota. This enables experience in everyday practicality, service, and refueling to be gathered early in the practical test.

With 114 and 120 kilowatts, the performance of the Toyotas and Hyundais is almost identical. At their peak, the cars reach speeds of 175 to 177 kilometers per hour. You can drive a good 500 to 600 kilometers with it, then you have to refuel. This is done within three to five minutes. There are currently 81 petrol stations in Germany, three of them in Saxony and one in the center of Dresden on Wiener Strasse.

To drive the vehicles, the hydrogen is fed into a fuel cell, where it reacts with oxygen. This chemical reaction creates electricity for the electric motor. The principle is not new. It was discovered as early as 1838 and, for example, used by NASA from the 1960s to generate energy onboard spaceships. Hydrogen has also been used in industry for decades. With the “National Strategy Hydrogen” announced by the Federal Government, the substance is to play an important role in the energy transition in Germany in addition to the expansion of renewable energies and energy efficiency.


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