Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Car the Hyundai Nexo Makes its Debut in Salzburg

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May 15, 2019 |

Salzburg Hyundai Hydrogen 1
  • First roadworthy hydrogen electric car in the country
  • Innovative drive technology helps to make sustainable progress for Salzburg.

This has never happened in Salzburg: The world’s first hydrogen-powered mass-produced electric car was presented in Salzburg today. State Councilor Stefan Schnöll was part of unveiling and said,  “I am open to innovative drive technologies that help to make sustainable progress.”

Manufacturer Hyundai was able to increase the range of up to 660 kilometers on the 163-hp Nexo hydrogen electric car – the most driving range for any electrically powered vehicles. As with other hydrogen-powered vehicle the Nexo has no polluting exhaust and only a small amount of water comes from its tailpipe.

Refueling is currently possible at five public petrol stations in Austria, but not yet in the state of Salzburg. The goal is to close this supply gap for Salzburg in the very near future.

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