Hydrogen-Powered Taxi Fleet in the Netherlands has Covered 1.5 million km’s

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The first hydrogen taxi fleet in the Netherlands has reached the milestone of 1.5 million kilometers. The taxi fleet of Noot Personenvervoer – which originally consisted of 35 Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicles and has since been expanded to 40 units – is deployed daily in the municipality of The Hague.

The hydrogen cars are used for WMO transport (Social Support Act). People who are no longer able to use public transport due to their advanced age, disability and/or illness are eligible for this. About 6,800 people use it annually in The Hague.

Positive effect on local air quality

The green taxi fleet has been driving around the Hofstad since 1 June 2019. The clean kilometers that the taxi fleet has now completed have a positive effect on local air quality, says Toyota. The Mirai is equipped with a fuel cell that Toyota developed itself. The Mirai converts fueled hydrogen into electricity, which then powers a 113 kW / 155 hp electric motor.


Martijn Kersing, director of Noot Passenger Transport: “If you want to be sustainable as a transporter and be available 24/7, as required by WMO transport, you cannot avoid hydrogen. Due to the large range of the Toyota Mirai and the fact that you can fill it up quickly, we can meet all the requirements of this type of transport. An additional advantage is that the car is spacious and comfortable. A bull’s eye now, because with 1.5 million kilometers driven, the first hydrogen-powered taxi fleet in the Netherlands is justifiably a success. ”

Nice milestone in energy transition

Jan-Christiaan Koenders, Managing Director of Toyota importer Louwman & Parqui: “We are of course very proud that the Toyota’s Mirai are used so often. Our hydrogen car is therefore ideal for taxi transport: spacious, quiet, very comfortable and of course 100% electric without the car having to stand at a charging station for a long time. All praise for Noot Passenger Transport who has successfully gone off the beaten track with his choice. This is a great milestone in the energy transition. ”

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