Hydrogen – Powering a Net Zero Future. The Technologies to Get Us There

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Free Ebook on Hydrogen

As part of its efforts on hydrogen, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has made available a free eBook on “Hydrogen – Powering a Net Zero Future”

Download MHI Group’s latest market insight into the technologies that will support hydrogen in its bid to become one of the ‘go-to’ fuels of the future.

As global efforts to reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 intensify, hydrogen’s credentials as a powerful ally for renewable energy and tool for decarbonization are in the spotlight.

‘Hydrogen – Powering a Net Zero Future. The Technologies to Get Us There’ explores what it will take for hydrogen to play two key roles in the global quest for net-zero:

  • Enabling greater use of renewable electricity as a form of storage and cleaner source of power generation to balance the intermittency of renewables
  • Decarbonizing CO2-intensive sectors by serving as a low-emissions propellant in shipping, a feedstock and heat source for industry, and alternative fuel in residential and commercial heating.
  • This free eBook assesses the hydrogen opportunity and the solutions that need to be scaled for it to fulfill its decarbonizing potential.

The eBook can be downloaded here.

Source:  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries



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