Germany: Funding Released for Hydrogen Research in Görlitz

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Gorlitz Hydrogen

Cabinet releases funds 

Dresden / Görlitz— The Saxon State Government has today released funds for a new hydrogen research center in Görlitz.

At the “Fraunhofer Hydrogen Laboratory Görlitz (HLG)”  planned Innovation Campus, Siemens and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft will investigate the generation, storage and use of hydrogen. Görlitz is to be developed over the long term into a competence center for hydrogen technologies.

“For Görlitz and the Lusatia innovative storage and hydrogen technologies offer a great opportunity for new industrial jobs. Siemens, Fraunhofer, the universities and companies in the region want to go this way together into the energy technology of the future. In July, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding and today, as promised, the Free State is contributing, “said Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer.

Siemens, the Free State of Saxony and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft had signed a letter of intent on 15 July in Görlitz in order to strengthen the site in the long term and to support structural change in Lusatia. The intention is to set up an innovation campus and “start-up accelerator” at the Siemens plant in Görlitz – the aim is to locate further technology and industrial companies, start-ups and research institutes. The focus is on digitization, automation, energy technology and innovative materials and manufacturing technologies. Overall, the partners want to provide around 30 million euros for the expansion of the site in the first step. Over the next five years, about 100 new, highly qualified jobs will be created there.

The “Fraunhofer Hydrogen Laboratory Görlitz” is a building block of this concept. In the still-to-be-established laboratory, individual components along the hydrogen value-added chain Power to Hydrogen to Power (P2H2P) are to be further developed to industrial maturity. The main research areas are in the areas of testing and validation of hydrogen production through electrolysis, hydrogen storage (liquefaction, gas storage) up to the energetic use of H2 (reconversion) by stationary and mobile fuel cell systems as well as gas turbines.

The project to set up the Fraunhofer Hydrogen Laboratory Görlitz will be carried out in a two-stage process. In the first phase, all conceptual and planning prerequisites for the implementation phase of the project are laid and the prerequisites are created. For this, the Cabinet has today provided funding of 2 million euros.

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