Hydrogen Stations to Open in Belgium and the Netherlands

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  • Resato International and Shell Kerkhof & Zn in Collaboration

In extension of the large, public hydrogen refueling station that will be installed in The Hague, a collaboration between Resato International and Shell Kerkhof & Zn., a second large hydrogen refueling station will be installed in Belgium by Resato International. A next step in realizing the hydrogen economy and a greener future.

The so-called H2Refuel Full Sized Station (FSS) is designed as a public, large hydrogen refueling station for the ever-developing hydrogen mobility market. With a standard capacity of 480 kg/day, which is already available at low supply pressure, the design belongs to the top range of commercially available hydrogen refueling stations worldwide. Sufficiently integrated buffer capacity makes it possible to refuel three cars back-to-back (empty tank).

With over 25 years of experience in high-pressure technology, Resato understands the challenges of pressurizing hydrogen. As a Dutch high-pressure expert, we use our knowledge to create sustainable, safe and efficient solutions for hydrogen applications’, says Rob Castien. With a second large hydrogen refueling station of Dutch origin, we are sending out a strong signal to realize the hydrogen economy together!

Third Hydrogen Station in Netherlands

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According to a report from there will be a new hydrogen station in the Netherlands by April 2019. This station will be the third hydrogen fuelling station in the Netherlands, but it will be the first ever that will be integrated as part of a regular station.

“The owner of the petrol station, Jan Paul Kerkhof, says in Dutch media: “It is a huge investment, but I am convinced that hydrogen cars are the future.”

The establishment of the station is supported by various Dutch authorities and partners, such as Stedin and Resato, and the European project Hydrogen Mobility Europe.”

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