Hydrogen Trucks in Sweden: Renova Awards Contract to H2X Global

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Fuel Cells Works, Hydrogen Trucks in Sweden: Renova Awards Contract to H2X Global

Renova awards H2X Global contract for hydrogen fuel cell trucks for the City of Gothenburg.

H2X Global has been awarded a contract of up to 70 million SEK by Renova AB for the purchase of hydrogen fuel-powered commercial trucks in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The award won by H2X Global’s subsidiary H2X Gothenburg AB, comes from a public tender released in Q3 of 2022 for the supply of five vehicle classes where H2X Global has successfully secured vehicles in the 3.5T, 5.0T, and 18T categories. The evaluation process focused on the delivery of zero-emission vehicles and the need for seamless integration with Renova AB aftersales service requirements.

The 3.5T & 5.0T trucks have been designed to provide operators with a range of up to 500 km (310 miles) and a load capacity of between 800 – 2,000 kg, depending on the exact vehicle and specifications.

The vehicles are to be operated through the city waste management operator Renova AB, owned by ten municipalities in western Sweden. It is planned that all vehicles are fully operational by 2025, with the first truck being delivered to Renova AB at the beginning of December 2023.

This success confirms Gothenburg’s city and Renova AB’s decision to develop its fleet of zero-emission vehicles, including hydrogen Fuel Cell variants. This positions H2X Gothenburg AB as the first Swedish manufacturer of hydrogen Commercial vehicles.

Ian Thompson, H2X Global Chief Technical Officer stated, “From its creation, the vehicles have been designed to integrate the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology, keeping the client’s input and needs as a priority for a tailored approach”.

He added, “This direction is what underpins the H2X’s team in the development of a range of commercial vehicles adaptable for multiple applications without major technical constraints”.

Peter Westh, Head of Northern Europe stated, “The new range of vehicles offered today by H2X has been developed to perfectly meet the needs of the Scandinavian and European market in zero-emission commercial vehicles following the latest directives in Sweden for the needed energy transition together with European projects related to carbon-free mobility solutions”.

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About H2X Global

H2X is an automotive and power unit company focused on absolute sustainability. The company is focused on harnessing the most efficient and effective technologies, with the onus on capturing free and renewable energy sources. A specialisation in hydrogen is the basis of H2X’s growth, however, with a strong platform as a maker of electrically powered vehicles, the company has a versatile approach to finding the right vehicle for the right task. H2X Global has operations in Australia, Malaysia, India, and throughout Europe.


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